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‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Anthony Mackie Once Shared the Best Story About the Time Beyoncé Serenaded Him With ‘Halo’

We all have immense love for Beyoncé. Even Mackie, who others have said is a real-life tough guy, idolizes Beyoncé and has so much love for her that he's attended more than one of her concerts over the years. During an appearance with fellow actor Judy Greer on The Late Late Show with James Corden in 2018, Mackie shared that he's a member of the infamous Beyhive and was amongst the loyal crowd during one of Beyoncé's performances. He also revealed that during the concert, he made eye contact with the Queen Bey herself and that the two of them had somewhat of a moment while she sang her hit song "Halo."

Anthony Mackie Looks Back on His Unforgettable ‘Black Mirror’ Episode, Talks Black Homophobia and Male Friendships — ‘There Has To Be That Conversation in Order for People To Move Forward’

Anthony Mackie starred in one of the most memorable episodes of 'Black Mirror' named "Striking Vipers." In the episode, he plays a married man who begins hooking up with his best friend via a virtual reality game. He recently looked back on the role and the conversations it started about Black male sexuality and friendships.

Is Anthony Mackie Vegan?

Anthony Mackie's superhero physique doesn't come from a vegan diet. Here's what he eats, including his favorite foods, and they're not vegan.