Antony Starr Reacts to Hilariously Violent ‘The Boys’ Meme – Never Interrupt Homelander

Antony Starr plays Homelander, the incredibly intimidating antagonist, in The Boys. As a result, social media can’t stop making hilarious memes centered around the actor’s excellent portrayal. Starr himself shared a Homelander meme that has the Internet cackling with joy as it combines the actor and the character into one hilarious display of why one should never interrupt the antagonist.

‘The Boys’ actor Antony Starr’s Homelander is a meme magnet

'The Boys' Antony Starr as Homelander and Chace Crawford as The Deep wearing their superhero costumes looking serious at each other
L-R: Antony Starr as Homelander and Chace Crawford as The Deep | Panagiotis Pantazidis/Amazon Studios

Starr is undeniably terrifying as Homelander. He plays a consistently unpredictable villain who could snap at any moment, and the potential consequences are substantial. As a result, the character remains a powerful presence over the course of the show’s three seasons thus far. Homelander is only becoming more unhinged, potentially resulting in many more innocent deaths.

Starr’s Homelander is very expressive, which is why many The Boys fans are creating memes surrounding the character. They’re applicable to a number of situations, including one that indicates his exhaustion. Homelander turned into an absolute meme magnet, encouraging the Internet to continue making memes surrounding the villain.

Antony Starr thought the Homelander meme was ‘so, so good’

Starr took to Twitter to share a Homelander meme that really got to him, commenting, “This is so, so good.” The video shows Starr and his The Boys co-star, Chace Crawford, who plays The Deep in front of a step and repeat. They’re clearly conducting an interview for the show, but it could have gone smoother.

The meme video begins in the middle of a conversation, with Starr responding to a comment, “Clearly.” However, Crawford starts to speak, which cuts off Starr. As a result, the actor tells his co-star that he can go ahead. As Crawford continues to speak, the picture zooms in on Starr’s face, who gives off some major irritated Homelander vibes in his facial expressions.

However, Starr’s Homelander meme doesn’t end there. A video from The Boys with his villain lasering through heads plays over the actor’s increasingly annoyed face.

The antagonist is earning praise as one of television’s greatest villains

The Boys earned praise for its high amount of violence, nudity, and wit. However, Starr’s Homelander is one of the main reasons why so many fans return to the show. The actor perfectly delivers the villain in terrifying ways, and his fans are speaking about that in response to the Twitter meme.

One tweet joked about the fact that Starr is tweeting a Homelander meme of himself. In response, another user responded that he can because he has the best memes.

The Boys fans want to see Starr play more than Homelander in the future. They’re calling for Marvel to cast the actor as the villain Dr. Doom in the upcoming Fantastic Four. However, others believe that the actor is too closely associated with Homelander to fit into another iconic antagonist role.

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