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‘Aquaman’ Star Jason Momoa Calls Upcoming discovery+ Series His ‘Dream Job’

Aquaman star Jason Momoa will host an upcoming docuseries for discovery+ called On the Roam. The show will follow Momoa as he meets fearless artists and dreamers who are masters of their craft. He called doing the show more fun than acting and a “dream job.” Several other new shows are also coming to discovery+.

Aquaman’s Jason Momoa has a new gig, and he’s calling it his “dream job.” The actor is partnering with discovery+ on a new docuseries, On the Roam, where he’ll travel the world and meet one-of-a-kind artists and dreamers who are masters of their craft. 

Jason Momoa will travel the world in ‘On the Roam’ 

Jason Momoa at the premiere of the Apple TV series See
Jason Momoa arrives for the premiere of Apple TV+’s See in 2019 | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Momoa was on hand to talk about the new show during the Discovery upfront presentation on May 18. The Game of Thrones alum explained that he was eager to jump into the docuseries because it allowed him to explore his passions. 

“This show is one of the most important shows to me because it’s all from my heart,” the star of the upcoming Netflix movie Sweet Girl said. “I love building stuff, I love learning, I love laughing, I love traveling. I love just inspiring people. But also, people inspire me.”

On the Roam (working title) will follow Momoa as he travels to the “far places of the earth” to “meet people and share experiences.” He said he hoped viewers would be as inspired as he is by the people he meets. 

Jason Momoa says his upcoming docuseries was more fun than acting  

Momoa hopes audiences have as much fun watching On the Roam as he had making it. 

“I really want it to be positive … I hope you can kick back and watch me run around like an idiot and do great things with my friends and the people I get to meet,” he said.   

“This is my dream job,” he added. “I’ve learned that I really love doing this more than acting sometimes.” 

On the Roam will stream on discovery+. No premiere date has been announced. Momoa previously partnered with the streaming service on the documentary Future People: The Family of Donor 5114, on which he was an executive producer. 

More new shows coming to discovery+


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On the Roam isn’t the only new show coming to discovery+ in the near future. Also on the horizon are: 

  • Mountain Love, which follows five city-dwellers who must learn to adapt to off-the-grid living if they want to be with their long-distance loves. 
  • Naked & Afraid of Love, a modern dating show that’s a blend of survival and romance. 
  • Shark Academy, which follows eight people as they compete to win a spot on Dr. Riley Elliott’s next shark-diving expedition. 
  • 90 Day: Caribbean Love, a new show in the 90 Day family that follows people who found love in the Caribbean. 
  • Celebrity IOU: Joyride, a spinoff of HGTV’s Celebrity IOU featuring Ant Anstead and Cristy Lee.

Also coming to discovery+ in 2022 is first-of-its-kind series Who Wants to Be an Astronaut? This eight-part competition show will offer regular people a chance to travel into space, where they’ll spend eight days living on the International Space Station. 

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