‘Arcane’: Jinx’s ‘League of Legends’ Lore Explained

Arcane is the League of Legends animated television show on Netflix. Jinx, also known as “the loose cannon” is one of the main point-of-view characters. Her story in Arcane connects with the League of Legends lore, but the latter provides a little bit more insight into the character’s antics and interactions with her pink-haired older sister, Vi. However, Arcane gives a much closer look at her upbringing.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Arcane Season 1.]

Jinx’s ‘League of Legends’ lore

'Arcane' Ella Purnell as Jinx looking angry in a closeup
Ella Purnell as Jinx | Netflix

Jinx’s League of Legends lore is a bit less descriptive of her past. She was an innocent child, but there’s no explanation as to what distorted the sweet child. However, the Zaun-raised tinkerer started to get in the way of Piltover’s progress in every way possible. It ranges from funny pranks, such as mixing up street signs, all the way to dangerous acts such as lining the bridges with explosives.

Jinx’s connection to Vi isn’t mentioned directly in her League of Legends lore. However, the blue-haired girl taunts her and sheriff Caitlyn with her iconic graffiti messages. She detailed her biggest plan to invade Piltover’s vaults. She outsmarts law enforcement and gets away with it. Zaun is unsure whether to consider her a hero against the oppressive region that rules them or to consider her a danger to anyone she comes into contact with.

How Jinx’s lore fits into ‘Arcane’

Arcane begins with Jinx’s, formerly known as Powder’s childhood and confirms her sibling connection with Vi. She’s a sweet young girl who just wants to be exactly like her older sister. However, a tragic accident linked to Jinx’s rigged explosive device kills nearly everybody that she cares for. As a result, Vi lashes out at her before Piltover enforcers capture her. Zaun antagonist Silco takes her in as his daughter, but nobody can control her.

Caitlyn frees Vi from the Piltover prison to help with a case. As a result, Vi heads back into Zaun to reach her younger sister. However, Jinx is unstable and hears voices in her head, which causes her to distrust all those around her. She heads into Piltover, but it’s not nearly as playful as in the video game League of Legends lore.

Where is Jinx’s story headed in ‘Arcane’ Season 2?

Arcane Season 1 concludes with Vi unable to reach the Powder that she once knew. Silco dies in the confrontation and Jinx fully takes over the person once known as Powder. Jayce and other Piltover leaders are voting on Zaun’s independence. Meanwhile, Jinx fires off a familiar rocket from the League of Legends video game at the building that they’re voting in. Just as the rocket is about to make an impact, the screen cuts to black.

Netflix gave Arcane Season 2 the green light. Jinx and Vi’s story will continue. However, it’s clear that she’ll be even more difficult to reach. Silco’s death will certainly have a lasting impact that will drive Jinx’s plans for the future, furthermore establishing her as an antagonist of Piltover. Stay tuned for more information as the next season’s release date approaches.

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