‘Arcane’: There’s a Strong Possibility That ‘League of Legends’ Characters Vi and Caitlyn Are LGBTQ

League of Legends champions Vi and Caitlyn are longtime staples of the video game. They ultimately become Piltover’s deputy and sheriff. However, Arcane is taking viewers back to characters’ origins that dig deeper into their history. The Netflix show made some significant changes to its lore. There’s a possibility that the show could be developing Vi and Caitlyn as LGBTQ characters.

‘Arcane’ made ‘League of Legends’ champion Vi and Caitlyn POV characters

Vi holding up her fists in 'League of Legends' show 'Arcane' as the featured image about if Vi and Caitlyn are LGBTQ
Hailee Steinfeld as Vi | Netflix

Vi is a jungle-bruiser champion in League of Legends. Her powerful gauntlets and gap-closing abilities make her a formidable foe. Arcane leads the narrative with Vi and her younger sister, Powder, also known as Jinx. The show features them as children in Zaun before a time jump with a rift that has only grown greater between them. Piltover law enforcement captured Vi and locked her up in a cell to rot.

Caitlyn’s story in Piltover features the rich family that she belongs to. She regularly shares the screen with scientist Jayce, who has his own struggles. However, Caitlyn desperately wants to serve the community. She has a feeling that something suspicious is going on and wants to get to the bottom of it. Caitlyn broke Vi out of jail to help guide her through Zaun to get answers on this particular case.

‘Arcane’ may have hinted that Vi and Caitlyn are LGBTQ

Arcane Season 1 Episode 5 titled “Everybody Wants to Be My Enemy” features a huge indicator that Vi and Caitlyn might be LGBTQ. They enter Zaun and infiltrate a gentlemen’s club to get information. Vi and Caitlyn come from radically different backgrounds, and Caitlyn is utterly out of her comfort zone in Zaun. The pink-haired fighter explains to her that she needs to understand what she has. Vi adds, “You’re hot, Cupcake.” The scene is captured in a very erotic way with the way that Vi corners Caitlyn.

Vi leaves Caitlyn to pursue the information that she came for. However, she sees the Piltover enforcer talking with a woman on a couch. They’re smiling and sharing conversation with flirty body language. Vi’s worried face gradually turns into a smile.

The Arcane and League of Legends community suddenly reacted on social media to this major scene. Vi and Caitlyn are progressively developing a closer relationship over the course of the season. However, audiences will have to wait and see how their relationship evolves. Nevertheless, Vi and Caitlyn’s tension is felt in every frame and it’s no mistake from the creators.

‘League of Legends’ is trying to be more inclusive

Riot Games has shown interest in growing its LGBTQ character roster. Neeko and Varus are examples of confirmed LGBTQ characters, but neither of them has appeared in Arcane quite yet. The in-game cosmetics have also appealed to LGBTQ audiences. Additionally, League of Legends annually celebrates Pride month with more in-game cosmetics.

Arcane is an excellent opportunity to expand on characters’ lore and give them more substance. Vi and Caitlyn will inevitably end up working together as deputy and sheriff in the future. Fans are eager to see how their relationship evolves into their professional working relationship. However, Arcane has proven that audiences are eager to see more of Vi and Caitlyn, even if it remains fan-fiction.

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