Are Adam and Danielle Busby From ‘OutDaughtered’ Having Marriage Trouble? Why Some Fans Think So

When it comes to reality TV families, viewers have surely fallen in love with the Busbys over the years. Just like their TLC predecessors Jon & Kate Plus 8 and 19 Kids and Counting, the show features a family that had an unusually high number of children at once — and for the Busbys, this is five little girls. Today, Adam and Danielle Busby from OutDaughtered stand as the first couple in the U.S. to have all-female quintuplets. After fighting through fertility problems, Danielle sees this as nothing but a blessing.

Fans seem to think something could be amiss with Adam and Danielle’s marriage, though. Is there any truth to the rumor? Here’s what we know.

Fans thought Hazel’s eye condition might’ve created marital strain

Danielle and Adam have talked about their trouble to conceive in the past — so it was certainly shocking to them when they found out Danielle was pregnant with not one baby, but five. In addition to their quints, they also have an older daughter, Blayke. And while taking are of six kids is entire to put strain on any marriage, one of the quints, Hazel, also needs extra care due to an eye condition.

In Touch Weekly reports Hazel has nystagmus, which causes the eye to make repetitive or uncontrolled movements. The young child would have to undergo surgery to help with the issue — and there was concern that it could lead to permanent vision loss. Adam has expressed his frustrations about Hazel’s eye problems and slower development in the past, leading some viewers to believe it could be causing serious marital strife.

Adam’s postpartum depression was also tough on Danielle

It’s not just Hazel’s medical issue that needed attention in the Busby family. People reported back in 2017 that Adam was dealing with postpartum depression, and it seemed to be severely affecting his marriage. When Adam sat down with his father in the show, he explained that the business of having six children often meant he barely talked to Danielle at all. “You’re just exhausted and done,” he said. Even worse, Adam admitted, “I mean, I definitely don’t feel like the Adam that I used to be with work, with friends, relationships. It’s caused some issues between me and Danielle, just because sometimes I want to check out.”

Though Adam’s admittance of depression and potential marital issues with Danielle may have set off rumors of a split, he also noted that he always wanted to be honest with their fan base about what their family is going through. As he told People, “I want men to feel comfortable opening up about their feelings and expressing the struggles they’re going through. I want to help end the stigma surrounding mental health.”

They’ve shut down divorce rumors in the past

While fans suspect Adam’s depression and Hazel’s health problems may be enough to upset the Busby marriage, Danielle and Adam have assured fans that there’s no splitting up in their future. The Hollywood Gossip notes a fan tweeted, “Why is it that almost every couple that gets a reality show on @TLC end up getting a divorce? If @AdamBuzz and @DanieBuzz decide to get one I’m done with that network!!!”

To that, Adam shut down any divorce talk. “Guess you will be a lifelong @TLC viewer. The D word isn’t in our vocabulary. I love my wife more than the day i said ‘I DO.’ We are the real deal,” he tweeted back. It seems that settles that.

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