Are TikTok Stars Abbie Herbert and Chris Olsen Truly Siblings?

TikTok is responsible for launching the careers of thousands of people worldwide. Users on the platform gain fame for many reasons. While some are extremely open about their personal lives, others prefer to keep important details about their lives private.

That’s why it surprises fans when famous TikTok users, like Chris Olsen and Abbie Herbert, collaborate and reveal their relationship to fans. So, are the beloved social media stars Herbert and Olsen truly siblings? Let’s find out.

Chris Olsen and Abbie Herbert became famous on TikTok

Chris Olsen and boyfriend Ian Paget at the Spotify Celebrates Wrapped with “A Totally Normal Party for 2021
(L-R) TikTok star Chris Olsen and now-ex-boyfriend Ian Paget at a Spotify event in 2021 | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Spotify

There’s not much information about the two creators’ lives pre-TikTok. But both of their careers seemingly blew up once they got on the platform. Herbert wed musician Josh Herbert in 2019. The two share a child who often makes appearances in the couple’s TikToks.

Abbie has a mega-following on the platform, boasting more than 11 million followers. She has racked up a billion likes throughout her career. Abbie posts garner anything from 1.6 million views to an excess of 20 million views. Outside of TikTok, she and Josh post on their YouTube channel, which boasts over a million subscribers.

Not much is known about Olsen before fame. However, he gained a huge following on TikTok by documenting his life and highlighting moments of his relationship with fellow TikToker Ian Paget.

Olsen’s TikTok account currently has an impressive 6.5 million followers with over 500,000 likes. His posts usually garner 2 million to 18 million views. Olsen’s content varies as he documents his life. He also has a YouTube channel with his now-ex-partner Paget, which currently has 344,000 subscribers.

Herbert and Olsen joke about their relationship on TikTok

Abbie and Olsen began trending when she posted a video featuring Olsen and called him her “brother.” The video shows Olsen meeting Abbie’s daughter for the first time. Abbie captioned the TikTok, “BEST SURPRISE. LIKE FOR MORE UNCLE CHRIS & POOT.”

The full video was filmed after Olsen traveled to Pittsburgh to visit Abbie, whom he also referred to as his “sister.” In the TikTok video, Olsen is seen jumping for joy at the chance of meeting Abbie’s daughter Poppy for the first time.

The pair have recorded several TikToks of them spending time with each other and also having quality time with Abbie’s daughter. In many of the videos, Olsen refers to Poppy as his niece and expresses his love for her.

Chris Olsen and Abbie Herbert are not biological siblings

After the first video of the meetup went viral, fans were understandably surprised. Many questioned whether the pair were indeed related. Some viewers began speculating that the pair could be related, noting Abbie’s maiden name was Olsen but she changed it after getting married.

One fan commented under the video, saying, “There is no way that is your brother.” Another user said, “Dots are not connecting for me. All I want to know is why did it take so long to meet?” Another fan demanded that the pair share proof of their familial relation by showing pictures of them together when they were young.

Olsen recently shared an Instagram post listing things he was thankful for and named a user Emily Mariko as his “biological sibling.” He has not elaborated on that relationship.

However, Abbie posted a video on February 8 that explains she considers Olsen “a brother from another mother” despite many news outlets stating they’re biological siblings. Abbie said no media outlets reached out to her for the truth. “Do not believe a single thing on the internet,” she explains.

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