Are Woody and Jessie From ‘Toy Story’ Related?

These toys are best friends, teaming up to fight against Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear and Stinky Pete. Although they went their separate ways in the final Toy Story movie, they still have a pretty strong relationship. 

Are Woody and Jessie, from Pixar’s award-winning film, Toy Story 2, related? Here’s what we know about these characters.

Fans first met Jessie and her trusty steed, Bullseye, in ‘Toy Story 2’

She’s a fearless, yodeling cowgirl complete with plenty of catchphrases and her iconic red hat. Toy Story fans first met Jessie during the sequel to this film. Woody gets stolen from a yard sale and ends up in the apartment of a toy salesman. 

There, he reunited with his “roundup gang” and eventually took Jessie and Bullseye back to Andy’s house. Since then, Jessie became one of Andy’s favorite toys and the best friend of another toy, Buzz Lightyear. 

When it comes to Woody and Jessie’s relationship, though, these toys were just “like” siblings. It’s never confirmed that these two western-themed toys are actually related in the Pixar animated movies or as their characters in Woody’s television series. 

Disney and Pixar's 'Toy Story of Terror'
Disney and Pixar’s ‘Toy Story of Terror’ | Pixar/Disney/Pixar via Getty Images

Are Woody and Jessie from ‘Toy Story 2’ related? 

Although Woody and Jessie binge-watched plenty of episodes of their television series while hanging out in Al’s apartment, it’s never specified if their characters were in love. The story was more about Woody’s wild adventures and his “round-up” crew. 

Aside from Jessie, Woody’s friends in his television series included Bullseye and “the Prospector,” Stinky Pete. In real life, though, Bullseye and Jessie are best friends and the Prospector truly turned out to be stinky. 

When it comes to their love interests, Woody has been in love with Bo Peep since the first movie. In Toy Story 3, Buzz Lightyear finally confesses his love for Jessie with his “spanish mode.” Since they met, though, Woody and Jessie have a sibling-like relationship.


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Fans have, presumably seen the last of Woody and Jessie the yodeling cowgirl 

Toy Story 4 brought new adventures for these characters. After time together as Andy’s toys and Bonnie’s toys, Woody finally went his separate way from Jessie, Buzz, and the rest of his friends. He’s not a lost toy, though. With his old flame, Bo Peep, he’s found.

“You record these things over about four years, and the last session — I thought it would just be odds and ends — but I was in the same studio with the same microphone, and [at the end] they said ‘OK, great, thanks,’” Hanks said during an interview on The Graham Norton Show. “And just like that, however many years were over.”

However, fans haven’t seen the last of Woody’s friend, Buzz Lightyear. Chris Evans is set to star in an origin story of this Space Ranger-turned Andy’s favorite toy. Lightyear premieres in theaters on June 17, 2022.