‘Are You the One?’ Season 9 Filmed in a New Location

The reality dating series Are You the One? is finally back for season 9 after a three-year hiatus. But instead of airing on MTV like the past eight seasons, the newest installment is exclusively on Paramount+. And that isn’t the only change producers made for Are You the One? Season 9.

Kamie Crawford, who hosts 'Are You the One?' Season 9 on Paramount+, wears a light purple dress with dark purple flowers on it.
Kamie Crawford | Photo: Gerardo Valido/MTVE/Paramount+

‘Are You the One?’ has been filmed in multiple different locations over the show’s nine seasons

Are You the One? aired for eight seasons on MTV, and the contestants’ objective was to find their perfect match, which the show’s matchmakers had previously determined.

In every episode, the cast sent one couple into the truth booth, where it revealed whether or not they were a perfect match. And at the end of the hour, the contestants attended a match-up ceremony. They would couple up, and then a beam of lights would inform them how many perfect matches they got right. But they wouldn’t know who they got correct.

If the cast could figure out all matches by the tenth match-up ceremony, they would win $1,000,000. However, producers added a new rule in season 3. If players experienced a “blackout,” meaning they got zero perfect matches, they would lose $250,000 from their cash prize.

The cast and crew filmed Are You the One? Seasons 1, 3, 4, 7, and 8 in Hawaii. Season 2 took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico, while producers filmed season 5 in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, and season 6 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Where was ‘Are You the One?’ Season 9 filmed?

Are You the One? Season 9 differs in many ways from previous seasons. While it follows the same format, the cast includes singles from around the world. The series also has a new home on Paramount+, a different host, and a new filming location.

The Are You the One? Season 9 cast traveled to Gran Canaria, Spain, to find their perfect matches. And so far, things aren’t looking too good for them.

The contestants are:

  • Anissa Aguilar — United States of America
  • Brooke Rachman — United States of America
  • Ciara “CC” Cortez — United States of America
  • Courtney Rowe — United Kingdom
  • Danielle Bonaparte — United States of America
  • Dew Anderson — Spain
  • Jordanne Deveaux — United States of America
  • Julia-Ruth Smith — New Zealand
  • Mijntje Lupgens — Netherlands
  • Rosalyn “Roz” Odujebe — Ireland
  • Taylor Kelly — United States of America
  • Aqel Carson — United States of America
  • Brendan Mosca — Australia
  • Clayton Carey — Australia
  • Eduardo Dickson Jr. — United States of America
  • Hamudi Hasoon — New Zealand
  • Leo Svete — United States of America
  • Michael “Mikey” Owusu — United Kingdom
  • Nathan Grant — United Kingdom
  • Oliver “Ollie” Andersen — United Kingdom
  • Shamal “Samuel” Khan — United Kingdom
  • William Gagnon — United States of America

[Spoiler alert: The following contains spoilers from Are You the One? Season 9 Episode 3, “Rollercoaster Relationships.]


‘Are You the One?’ Season 9 Won’t Air on MTV

Spoilers for ‘Are You the One?’ Season 9 Episode 3

The Are You the One? Season 9 premiere revealed that Nathan and Taylor are not a match via the truth booth. But they soon got 11 more confirmed no-matches when they experienced a blackout in episode 3.

For anyone keeping track at home, that means that Aqel and Courtney, Brendan and CC, Clay and Dew, Eduardo and Roz, Hamudi and Taylor, Leo and Brooke, Mikey and Danielle, Nathan and Mijntje, Ollie and Anissa, Samuel and Julia Ruth, and Will and Jordanne aren’t perfect matches.

So while the cast got a lot of information from their first match-up ceremony, they also lost $250,000 of their prize money.

New episodes of Are You the One? Season 9 air Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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