Ariana Grande Tried and Failed to Buy Florence Pugh’s ‘Midsommar’ Dress, Which Sold for $65,000 at Auction

Millions of fans around the world know Ariana Grande for her work in the music industry. As one of the most popular singers, Grande consistently earns acclaim for her powerful singing voice and catchy tunes. However, few fans might realize that Grande is a big-time movie fan. In particular, she is fond of the 2019 horror film Midsommar, starring Florence Pugh. Not only has Grande celebrated the film’s theme in her personal life with a Midsommar-themed party, but the singer once tried to buy an actual costume from the 2019 film. 

Ariana Grande tried to buy the infamous dress Florence Pugh wears in ‘Midsommar’

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L: Ariana Grande | Steve Granitz/WireImage, R: Florence Pugh | Mike Marsland/WireImage

Grande’s Midsommar obsession is well-documented. In 2020, Grande celebrated her 27th birthday with a Midsommar-themed party, designed in collaboration with her close friends and her then-boyfriend (now husband), Dalton Gomez. According to Elle, the party featured many flower crowns for guests, floral table decorations, and even matching headgear for Grande’s dogs.

That same year, Grande announced her intentions to bid on the infamous May Queen dress Pugh wore in Midsommar. According to Page Six, the dress was part of an auction of collectibles from the film, including several other costumes from the horror flick. Grande wrote on social media that several of her friends alerted her to the auction. And, since Midsommar is her “favorite bedtime movie,” she desperately wanted to own the floral garment.

Unfortunately, Grande lost her bid for the dress. According to BuzzFeed, the winning bid went to the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, which spent $65,000 on the dress. The proceeds went to charity. But the Academy chose to display the dress — so any fan can check out the stunning ensemble.

What’s the significance of the ‘Midsommar’ dress?

Anyone who has watched Midsommar knows the importance of the floral dress to the overall story — and, in particular, to Dani’s arc. Pugh, as Dani, wears the dress in the climactic final stretch of the film. Dressed and crowned as the May Queen, Dani must choose a human sacrifice. Ultimately, she selects her boyfriend, Christian, who is burned alive by cult members.

According to IMDb, flowers maintain a strong symbolic presence throughout the film, not just in the final sacrifice scene. At the beginning of Midsommar, when Dani’s parents die in their sleep due to Dani’s sister committing a murder-suicide, the camera captures a photo of a young girl (presumably Dani) with a flower arrangement lying on top of it. This scene provides some interesting foreshadowing for the film’s end when Dani is crowned May Queen.

Pugh wore a flower crown in more than one movie

Pugh earned acclaim for her work in Midsommar. The same year, she starred in another much-loved film that featured the presence of a flower crown. In Little Women, where Pugh portrayed Amy March, the actor wore a flower crown during Meg’s wedding scene. But the Midsommar flower crown, which appeared during the May Queen ceremony, held a very different meaning.

The symbolism of flowers and plants takes center stage in Midsommar. Throughout the film, Pugh’s character experiences hallucinations of plants growing into her. Even the poster for Midsommar featured the flower crown in sharp focus, with a large shot of Pugh wearing the accessory and crying. Given its importance, it’s understandable that the floral wear and the film itself impacted many people, including Grande.

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