Ariana Grande’s Good Luck Ritual Is Eating Chocolate Donuts

Ariana Grande is a worldwide superstar, a singer who is known for her petite figure and large, impressive voice. Grande rose to fame as a child star, acting in several Nickelodeon TV shows before transitioning to a career in music — and these days, her star shines brighter than ever.

Grande is one of the most-followed musicians on social media. And while her fans love her for her passion for music, Grande has landed in hot water on more than one occasion.

Most notably, she made headlines for a scandal involving a donut in 2015 — a scandal that has an ironic link to one of Grande’s more bizarre superstitions. 

What is Ariana Grande best known for?

Ariana Grande posing facing the camera with a red dress and a high pony-tail
Ariana Grande | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

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Grande began her career as a child star, acting in Broadway musicals before she could legally drive a car. She followed up her stint on the Broadway stage with a role in the popular Nickelodeon series, Victorious.

Although Grande received acclaim for her acting ability, it was music that really drew Grande’s interest. The young woman released her first album, Yours Truly, in 2013, and it became an immediate hit.

Over the next several years, Grande continued to work on her music, releasing hit after hit. She became known for her soaring voice, which belied her short stature. Fans and critics alike couldn’t get enough of the pint-sized diva, and her star has only continued to rise.

Grande has received numerous awards, including three American Music Awards, a Grammy Award, and two Billboard Music Awards. Fans have praised her for her ability to not only translate complex thoughts and emotions into songs but for the way she truly relates to her fan base. 

Ariana Grande’s donut superstition

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Grande sells out stadiums on a regular basis — although the COVID-19 pandemic has sidelined her touring plans for the time being. Even though Grande is only 27 years old, she is an accomplished star and has over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry. As confident as Grande is on stage, however, the star still has some superstitions.

According to a report by Teen Vogue, Grande has at least one tradition that she used to count on religiously. The report states that Grande used to always make a point to eat chocolate donuts before a big audition in order to bring herself good luck. Ironically enough, the biggest scandal of Grande’s career to date also involves donuts. 

What was Ariana Grande’s donut scandal?

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In 2015, a video went viral that landed Grande in pretty serious trouble with her fans and critics. The video reportedly showed the singer licking donuts in a California donut shop before those same donuts were apparently set out for customers to purchase.

Grande also reportedly made some anti-American sentiments in the video, which further rubbed fans the wrong way. When the video started making the rounds online, the owner of the donut shop was furious, taking to social media to ban Grande from ever setting foot in his shop again.

Furthermore, Grande’s fans were disappointed in her conduct, slamming her on Twitter for her actions.

Still, Grande was able to make a full apology, and in short order, she returned to the public’s good graces, where she remains to this day. It seems likely that Grande will remain a superstar for years to come but the jury is still out if chocolate donuts are still her good luck charm.