‘Armor Wars’: Justin Hammer Likely to Make an Appearance: ‘I’d Put My Money On It’

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the home to some of the most iconic and legendary superheroes that the film industry has seen.

Captain Marvel, Thor, Doctor Strange, and Hulk are just a few of the protagonists that viewers and audiences have enjoyed watching on screen. Iron Man marked the franchise’s debut when the film premiered back in 2008. Since then, many other Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies have debuted. Titles like The Avengers and Thor have received a lot of positive reviews and awards.

More recently, Marvel Studios revealed some information that has led fans and viewers to speculate on the possibility of Justin Hammer’s return to the MCU

Who is Justin Hammer? 

Sam Rockwell
Sam Rockwell | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Marvel fans know Justin Hammer as a military contractor who used to be in charge of Hammer Industries. With that being said, it makes sense that Justin Hammer’s company always had an ongoing rivalry with Stark Industries.

Unfortunately, it is Justin Hammer’s competitive obsession that leads to his own demise. When Hammer’s efforts to attack Tony Stark didn’t work out his plan backfired and was killed in the end. Sam Rockwell was the talented actor who was cast to play the part of this popular villain.

Many people were sad to see Justin Hammer’s MCU journey come to an end, but, recently, fans and viewers have had reason to believe this might not be the case. 

What Marvel Studios announcement is leading people to believe that a return of Justin Hammer could be a possibility?

Disney’s Investor Day recently took place and resulted in the reveal of many exciting productions on the horizon. Secret Invasion and Armor Wars are two of the new adaptations Marvel Studios will be working on. This exciting discovery came with the news of Don Cheadle’s return.

When it comes to the MCU, Cheadle is well-known for playing James Rhodes, and many fans were pleased to see that he will be one of the main characters for Armor Wars. Nonetheless, Marvel Studios’ decision to bring back the character who is better known as War Machine is leading MCU fans to believe that it could mean the return of another inactive character. 

Why do fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe think Justin Hammer’s return is so likely?


Why War Machine Could Never Replace Iron Man

When viewers of MCU learned of Cheadle’s return for Armor Wars, many people took this as a hopeful sign that Justin Hammer will be resurfacing as well. As fans can probably remember, in Iron Man 2 War Machine, Cheadle’s character, killed Hammer.

Of course, at the time, War Machine was being controlled by Whiplash making the situation rather complicated. Armor Wars could potentially be the perfect opportunity for Marvel Studios to hash some things out.

A recent Reddit discussion captured fans’ excitement over the possibility. Many people expressed how hopeful they are for Justin Hammer to potentially take the screen, and one comment simply read, “I’d put my money on it.”

As the thread highlighted, it seems even more likely considering Justin Hammer’s character was included in the Armor Wars‘ comics. 

It is obvious that the viewers want to see more of Justin Hammer, and, after all, it seems like the ideal time. Another fan wrote, “Justin Hammer’s the obvious villain of Armor Wars, but other folks could be in the mix too, like AIM, Sonny Burch, ULTIMATUM (rumored for FATWS), or even the Tracksuit Mafia. There’s all sorts of scumbags who’d love to get their hands on Stark tech.”

The new production does not have a set timeline yet, but fans and viewers can probably expect it to premiere sometime over the next two years. Hopefully, MCU lovers will get to see a few glimpses of Justin Hammer in the upcoming Armor Wars.