Ashley Greene Rations Her Paychecks so She’s Never in a Desperate Position in Hollywood

Ashley Greene is well-known for her work in movies and television. She’s a solid actor who’s been a part of roles big and small, including some of the biggest films of the 2010s. Despite this inarguable success (and no doubt having quite a lot of money), the star has revealed that she’d rather save her fortune than spend it.

Ashley Greene is famously frugal with her money

Ashley Greene at the Create & Cultivate Hosts LA Conference in Los Angeles, California
Ashley Greene at Create & Cultivate Hosts | Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Create & Cultivate

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ashley Greene has a net worth of $8 million right now. While it’s certainly not record-shattering, it’s definitely enough for easy living. Despite this, the star has been vocal about avoiding some of the excesses other actors often get up to.

In particular, she’s talked about her habit of saving money. First revealed in the November 2012 issue of Marie Claire and repeated by CNBC, Greene doesn’t feel the need to spend on things like first-class flights. Instead, she’d rather save money for a rainy day and future-proof her lifestyle. While she’s never really been out of work for a significant period of time, she said she enjoys having the option to pick and choose her roles. When money’s not an issue, she won’t “have to take an acting job for two or three years if I don’t want to.”

Ashley Greene has done more than enough work to warrant a little splurging

While Ashley Greene’s frugal lifestyle is admirable, it may not be necessary. As mentioned, she’s always found consistent work since the beginning of her career, so one can only imagine she isn’t hurting for cash or those sweet royalty payments. Just a quick look at her IMDb can tell you that.

As most know, Greene’s most famous role would have to be as Alice Cullen in The Twilight Saga films. It’s impressive how well she did in those films, given just how early the first came in her career. While many who starred in those movies seemed to be fighting against the source material, it’s hard to argue that Alice’s exuberance wasn’t fun to watch, even in the duller bits.

Beyond Twilight, though, she’s also had big roles in films like SkatelandLOL, and Burying the Ex, as well as shows like Rogue and Pan Am. At the time of this writing, she’s also got two films in post-production (The Retirement Plan and The Immaculate Room), plus another that’s still filming (Some Other Woman). Needless to say, Greene’s probably set in terms of finances no matter what she does now.

A few other high-profile actors also live on the cheaper side


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Of course, Ashley Greene isn’t the only star to live a more frugal lifestyle. According to CNBC, many other actors, athletes, and more have kept their money to themselves.

For starters, there’s Ed Sheeran. Despite being one of the most famous musicians on the planet, he still uses a student account for his finances. He even limits himself to an allowance to avoid wasting anything. Kristen Bell, another successful actor, is also supremely proud of her couponing habits. There’s also New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski, who once wrote about how he hasn’t touched any of his actual NFL money and only lives off what he makes through marketing and the like.

Closer to home is Greene’s Twilight co-star and series lead, Kristen Stewart. While her net worth is quite sizeable at $70 million, she’s gone on record a few times about how she could largely make do without it. Rather than splurge on personal items and the like, she typically spends her fortune on helping to finance passion projects that might otherwise not get made.