Astrology, Tarot, Psychics, and Crystals: The Age of Celebrity Money & Self-Care Strategies

Astrology, tarot, crystals, and the science behind zodiac signs have long been a topic of interest for millions of people all over the world. Astrology, the practice of discerning lifestyle preferences and even major life changes based on someone’s zodiac sign, has always been popular with a certain faction of people — but these days, more and more celebrities are getting into such sciences, and looking to practicing psychics to help them deal with certain traumas in their lives. 

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Many celebrities are into crystals and learning about astrology

Many celebrities are open about their spirituality, and while some stars such as Chris Pratt are open about their Christian faith, others take a different approach to finding acceptance, meaning, and faith. Astrology and tarot offer many celebrities a way to get in touch with their inner selves, and stars like Lady Gaga are open about their affinity for talismans such as crystals. Crystals are ancient forms of medicine, however, they are not medically approved or scientifically tested, according to Healthline.

British singer Adele is a big fan of crystals and has revealed that she often carries them with her in order to help her with stage fright, according to The Talko. Other stars turn to crystals to help them with their monetary goals, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, who lists them for sale on her Goop website. When it comes to astrology, many stars believe that their zodiac sign tells them everything that they need to know about their needs, wants, and habits. Supermodel Kendall Jenner has opened up about her zodiac sign, admitting to Allure that “I’m a Scorpio, so I stick to people. If I love you, I love you. If I don’t like you, you’re screwed.” 

Some celebrities believe in aliens

When it comes to life beyond the stars, a lot of people have very definite opinions. The existence of aliens can be a touchy subject, but for a few celebrities, there’s no question at all. Celebs such as Fran Drescher have opened up about her belief in aliens, claiming that she’s had close encounters in her own life. Even former president Jimmy Carter claimed to have had an experience with a UFO, stating that he once saw something he couldn’t quite identify in 1969.

Carter isn’t the only president to have an interest in the metaphysical sciences. President Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy Reagan, were firm believers in astrology, and reportedly, the president even tasked an astrologer with planning out his schedule based on his astrological chart. 

Celebrity astrologers have opened up about their profession

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Your Full Moon horoscopes are up (link in bio and in stories!). Big astro befalls us this month, darlings. . Tonight’s Full Moon in Pisces is a potent dreamer. Supported by the many innovative and grounding astrological setups that Virgo Season is amplifying, this lunation is positioned to help us imagine the solutions to our many complicated situations. Conjunct Neptune, the Full Moon comes in like a flood. Overwhelm is common under these conditions but so too is the inspiration that finds us when we remember we are part of a vast network of changemakers. This lunation reminds us that when the levees break it’s time to rethink how we’ve constructed our lives. Pisces knows the power of restful roaming, even amidst all the unrest. The imagination must have places where it can be free to visualize new worlds to grow into. Systems of suppression want us to forgo rest, reject reflection, and refuse our systems’ need for balance. Rest restores our ability to think, feel, and know ourselves. Rest brings answers. Capitalism fetishizes the kind of numbness that is required to labor for the very thing that keeps us from accessing our power. Full Moons give us insight into what our personal and collective movements have added up to over time. Uprisings don’t occur in an instance. They are waves in an ocean of them. Endlessly wearing down the infrastructure that breeds systemic violence. If Pisces can teach us anything, it’s the need to stay fluid to best serve the situation. Dream in motion. Imagining a world that doesn’t function on supremacy is the greatest departure from this reality we can make and the only one that will help us survive this crisis of consciousness we are in. Dictators and their supporters believe that they can do anything. Be in office indefinitely. Be as corrupt as possible. Be above reproach. If they don’t have a problem buying into their own fantasies, as radical as they are, why shouldn’t we buy into ours?

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While many celebrities turn to astrologers to help them make sense of difficult situations in their lives, most of these astrologers have to keep their client list strictly confidential. Still, one celebrity astrologer, Chani Nicholas, recently opened up to Marie Claire about her profession and some of the more interesting experiences that she has had with celebs.

“My client list is confidential, but I write for Oprah’s O Magazine and have done a public reading with Lizzo. She’s amazing; a force of nature,” Nicholas stated. “When I’m doing a reading, I never feel like I’m predicting something. There are a lot of really wide misconceptions about astrology. I really don’t care if you believe in astrology or not. It’s a system that works for me and has been profoundly life-altering and helpful.”

The royal family is a big topic of interest among celebrity astrologers. Many astrologers have used Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as examples, predicting that the couple will end up divorcing and that their son, Archie Harrison, will become a humanitarian as an adult. 

The pandemic might have helped many people get interested in astrology

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N e w M o o n I n V i r g o . The New Moon in Virgo arrives on September 17th, at 4am PT. Virgo takes what’s in disarray and creates thoughtful rituals wherein balance can be restored. It teaches the technology embedded in nature; everything we need we have already been given. Virgo honors the medicine of diversity, knows that with enough of it, all solutions will be present. This sign teaches us that with the right tools, we can work towards a humble solution. Ready to sacrifice fame for the fortune of thoughtfully applied craft, Virgo offers the habits that foster healing. This New Moon is well-situated in and of itself. Occurring within some incredibly challenging astrological events, it doesn’t add fuel to that fire, but instead offers us a much needed reminder to stay connected to the smallest of solutions, the quietest of calls to align, and the kinds of editing processes that make clarity possible. This New Moon is our invitation to perform the rituals that will help us reset, prioritizing the intelligence already intrinsic in all sentient beings. Trine Saturn, this lunation speaks to beginning that which has a solid infrastructure. Stripping away all the bells and whistles the world tells us we need, the reorganization of our priorities is urgent. Put what is sacred to you front and center. . Darlings! Your new moon affirmation horoscopes are up, link in bio! I have A Workshop for the New Moon in Virgo and Mars retrograde for you if you want to work with this helpful moment of astro ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

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Some astrologers claim that learning more about zodiac signs can help people to become more enlightened versions of themselves, with a better understanding of what makes them tick, according to Vogue. Even more intriguing, some astrologers claim that they knew that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was coming, pointing to different planetary shifts as evidence for a major upheaval in the world, reports InStyle. Additionally, the pandemic could be causing many people to study astrology in-depth, believing that it helps them to regain some control over the unprecedented events in the world.

Ultimately, everyone’s spiritual path is their own, and while it certainly seems as though astrology and other such practices are gaining more widespread acceptance, it could still be some time before it really catches on with many non-celeb factions.