The members of ATEEZ already completed one tour this year, but the K-pop group is set to embark on another world tour toward the end of 2022. On July 17, it was announced that ATEEZ will launch their THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL tour beginning in October. This will be the band’s second world tour in 2022.

ATEEZ perform at The Forum in January 2022
ATEEZ | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

ATEEZ will go on tour again with ‘THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL’

In January 2022, ATEEZ kicked off their rescheduled tour, THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END in Seoul. The band then traveled to the U.S., Europe, and Japan. ATEEZ’s Japan concerts took place earlier in July and concluded the tour.

On July 17, it was announced that ATEEZ will have a second world tour in the latter half of the year. Dates for THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL tour can be viewed below.


  • Oct. 29: Seoul, South Korea
  • Oct. 30: Seoul, South Korea
  • Nov. 7: Anaheim, California
  • Nov. 8: Anaheim, California
  • Nov. 10: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Nov. 16: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
  • Nov. 19: Chicago, Illinois
  • Nov. 22: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Nov. 27: Newark, New Jersey
  • Nov. 28: Newark, New Jersey
  • Dec. 2: Toronto, Canada
  • Dec. 11: Chiba, Japan
  • Dec. 12: Chiba, Japan

Venues and ticket sale dates for the tour will be announced at a later date.

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Fans of the K-pop group reacted to the tour announcement

When ATEEZ announced their upcoming tour, ATINY discussed the upcoming concerts on social media. Based on some fans’ reactions, it’s clear that fans of the band experienced a range of emotions about the announcement.

One fan wrote on Reddit, “Ahhh another tour again?? Our boys are bussssy!! Happy for US/C/J Atinys crossing fingers for the rest of us that they’ll take up more countries after year end award season!!”

“I can’t believe they are actually coming to Canada I’m going to cry,” wrote a fan on Reddit.

“I really like how the tour dates are spread out – so many tours have insane schedules where the groups are either performing or traveling every day. This schedule, except for the quick turn-around between Anaheim and Phoenix, has some breathing space built in,” wrote a Reddit user.

“LIVING i was just watching my old concert videos from january hype for this,” another Reddit user wrote.

“LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOO. Been manifesting! I do worry for the boys though. They’re so busy hope they’re looking after themselves well,” a fan wrote on Reddit.

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ATEEZ will release a new EP at the end of July

On July 29, Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho will release an EP titled The World Ep. 1: Movement. The band first teased the album in April.

ATEEZ’s EP The World Ep. 1: Movement will have seven tracks, and the album’s lead single is titled “Guerrilla.”

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