Austin Forsyth Admitted He Doesn’t Really Go On Dates With Wife Joy-Anna Duggar

It’s hard to keep track of everything the Duggars are up to in 2020. While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were the ones to originally thrust their kids into the spotlight, it’s now their adult kids who are carrying the throne. And Joy-Anna Duggar has gotten quite a bit of fame since she’s married Austin Forsyth and developed her own online presence.

Joy-Anna seems to have a great relationship with Austin. The two have a little boy together, Gideon, and plan on expanding their family in the future. They even took to YouTube to answer some frequently asked questions they’re getting from fans. And it was here where Austin told the couple’s followers that he and Joy-Anna don’t really go on too many dates.

Joy-Anna Duggar tied the knot with Austin Forsyth at just 19 years old

The Duggars are known for their strict dating rules and short courtships, and Joy-Anna and Austin are no exception. Romper notes Austin met Joy-Anna through the Duggar family church for years before they began their courtship. And by the time Joy-Anna was 19, she and Austin were making plans to settle down for the rest of their lives together.

“You know, over the years, I have just been watching and I really admire her heart for the Lord and her character,” Austin said of Joy-Anna on an episode of Counting On. “She’s such a diligent worker. She gets all the younger siblings working. She’s a good delegator.”

Duggar fans have always been skeptical of the marriages that go on in the family. But Joy-Anna and Austin seem to be in a really healthy place. They’ve already had to work through incredible hardships, especially when it came to losing their daughter, Annabell, at 20 weeks of pregnancy. Not all other Duggar marriages have had to work through such loss.

They spend a ton of time together with their house flipping

The Duggars are big believers in gender roles. While the women are typically responsible for the home and kids, the men are the providers. But with Joy-Anna and Austin, their roles appear to be a bit more equal. While Austin has his own house-flipping business, Joy-Anna joins right in, and the couple has worked on many projects together.

“House projects are really good for couples to do together,” Joy-Anna said on Counting On.

While Austin showed Joy-Anna how to use some of the power tools, he also noted that once she’s taught, she quickly learns how to do everything herself. “If she doesn’t know how to do it, you can just show her real quick and she can figure it out and become better than you at it,” Austin complimented.

Together, they’ve even built homes to sell. And they lived in a camper with Gideon while they worked on future houses.

Austin explained why he and Joy-Anna don’t go on many dates

Joy-Anna and Austin took to YouTube to answer some questions about their lives. And when it comes to dating, it seems like the happy couple doesn’t actually go out too often.

“We spend a lot of time together,” Austin mentioned. “As far as like, a date night, where we find a babysitter and just Joy and I go out, I would say that we do it a couple of times a month. But we’re with each other every day. And I know it’s not the same. But we get to spend a lot of quality time riding in the truck for hours and talking and so our life is a little bit different because I’m self-employed.”

Joy-Anna and Austin may not be hitting the town for date nights too often. But it looks like they’re taking the quality time whenever they can get it, even if it’s just riding around in the car together. It seems to be working for them so far!

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