‘Bachelor’ Fans Took to Demi Burnett’s Instagram to Express How Much They Hate Peter Weber’s Group of Women

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor might be the most dramatic yet. It’s hard to tell which women are on the show for the “right reasons,” as many have been called out by the other contestants for appearing fake. And other contestants from previous seasons have even commented on how chaotic Weber’s season feels.

Demi Burnett got her start on Colton Underwood’s Bachelor season. She failed to capture his heart and later found love during Bachelor in Paradise. Now, she’s single — but she appeared on Weber’s season to host a group date, and she got to experience the drama for herself.

After Burnett’s recent Instagram post, fans are wishing the current group of girls was similar to what Underwood had. Here’s what they’re saying.

Demi Burnett wished Hannah Godwin a happy birthday

The women on Weber’s season don’t appear to be getting along. Right from the start, Kelsey Weier and Hannah Ann Sluss had a war of words over a bottle of champagne. And we can’t forget that Sydney Hightower’s verbal disagreements with Alayah Benavidez took up major time on the show.

It’s hard to remember that not every season is like this. In fact, many of the women on seasons in the past still remain friends today. Demi Burnett didn’t win Colton Underwood’s love on his season, but she’s made it clear she’s still ultra-supportive of the other women who competed for his heart. And she even gave a special shoutout to Hannah Godwin on her Instagram.

“Happy birthday Hannah Godwin!!!!! Throwback to when we became friends and traveled all over Asia together. The start of it all xx,” Burnett captioned her post showing her and Godwin in the airport back when they were both on The Bachelor. And Godwin, Cassie Randolph, and Caelynn Miller-Keyes from the season all posted sweet comments.

Burnett also made comments about how she doesn’t like Weber’s ‘Bachelor’ season

Burnett met the women early on in Weber’s season. And she note she’s not a fan of the cast. On Feb. 3, she tweeted, “I would never want to be stuck in a house with these girls.” And she also took to her Instagram Story while watching an episode to share her true thoughts and feelings.

“This season of The Bachelor reminds me of my high school volleyball senior year season,” Burnett told her Instagram Story while watching Episode 5. “Like, after my class graduated, it became s***. And this is what’s happening.”

Burnett also spoke candidly about the women on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. “This group of women, I think, is the most obvious that every single person there is there to be on TV,” she said.

Regarding the pillow fight group date, Burnett noted, “I think that everyone was insecure and jealous. Everyone was really aggressive with the pillow fighting and stuff. I didn’t really get a vibe from anyone like, ‘I got this connection with Peter.'”

Fans took to Burnett’s Instagram post to express how much they dislike Weber’s group of women

Demi Burnett arrives at the premiere of Lionsgate's 'Jexi' at Fox Bruin Theatre
Demi Burnett arrives at the premiere of Lionsgate’s ‘Jexi’ at Fox Bruin Theatre | Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images

It seems Bachelor fans wholeheartedly agree with Burnett.

“This group of girls were so nice. Bring back nice girl’s. Poor Pilot Pete has such a mean group,” one of Burnett’s followers commented on her post to Godwin.

“When #thebachelor girls were classy and understood the process but respected each other and for the most part, went on ‘for the right reasons.’ #petersgirlsaresavage,” another added.

“I love that y’all are friends, meanwhile the girls on this current season probably have eachother blocked,” yet another commented.

We’re not sure how much drama in Weber’s season is put on by the producers and how much is real. But we’re hoping Weber can find the woman of his dreams despite the chaos.

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