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Blake Horstmann was the clear villain on the sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise. Prior to filming in Mexico, he’d slept with two of the contestants within a 24-hour period at Stagecoach and flown to visit another contestant in her hometown. By the time he got to the beach, a group of women already had questions for him.

Blake Horstmann on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Blake Horstmann | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

As the season played out, things only got messier. Caelynn Miller-Keyes suggested that Horstmann tried to “silence” her and act like she was his “dirty secret.” So Horstmann posted a private conversation between them to Instagram in an effort to prove that their Stagecoach encounter was just a one-night stand and that he hadn’t lead her on.

Since the season aired, Horstmann has spoken out about how the show’s producers betrayed him. In a recent interview with the Dear Media podcast, Not Skinny But Not Fat, he spoke more about contestants’ complicated relationship with Bachelor producers.

Blake Horstmann went through ‘three or four producers within the first three days [of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’] because they got caught in lies’

Horstmann told host Amanda Hirsch that he was “obviously” upset at the producers over how the season transpired. But he tries to remind himself how much “their job f*cking sucks.”

“I know producers lose sleep,” he said. “Like, some of them have broken down to me. … Some of the things they do manipulation-wise is—they feel really terrible about. But at the same time, like it’s still, it’s like you trust these people and you think they’re your friend.”

Horstmann said he caught his producers lying to him within the first few days of filming.

“I went through like three or four producers within the first three days because they got caught in lies and they’d have to switch out to a new producer,” he said.

Horstmann went on to say that he thinks, “in real life,” Bachelor producers aren’t “bad people.” But they do questionable things when they’re at work.

“Once they put on that fanny pack and that frickin ear mic, you know, it’s like, they’re a different person, you know?” he said.

Will Blake Horstmann ever go on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ again?

Horstmann doesn’t have a lot of trust for Bachelor producers after his time on Bachelor in Paradise. But there is one he’s still close with.

“I’m still super close with the producer who was mine during Becca [Kufrin’s] season,” he said. “Cause she wasn’t in paradise.”

But, on the whole, Horstmann “had a very big loss of faith” in producers.


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Horstmann did an Instagram Q&A back in Aug. where one fan asked him if he’d ever go on the show again. He said he was hesitant because of the producers.

“I still very much believe you can find someone in that crazy environment… I have fallen in love and seen others fall in love,” he wrote. “I think the scary thing for me is I have like .0716% trust in producers now so it would be VERY hard for me to be myself. The only way for the process to work is to be completely open and honest during it. I am just not sure I can do that anymore knowing the manipulation and lying…”