‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Clues Ivan Hall May Be on the Show for the Wrong Reasons

Going into this season of Bachelor in Paradise, Ivan Hall was one of Bachelor Nation’s darlings. He rose to fame on Tayshia Adams’ season of The Bachelorette. Fans fell in love with his sweet nature and his genuineness. When his relationship with Tayshia ended due to religious differences, fans rooted for him to find love in Paradise. But given this week’s episode and the preview for next, there are some clues that Ivan might not be as pure as we had hoped.

Headshot of Ivan Hall from ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2021
‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star Ivan Hall | ABC/Craig Sjodin

Ivan hasnt made any real connections on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Ivan has been on Bachelor in Paradise since week 1, yet he hasn’t made any substantial connections. And the ones that he has made have all been with relatively popular women in the franchise. He first connected with Jessenia Cruz. From the moment he went on a date with her, he was all in. However, Jessenia ended up leaving him for Chris Conran.

Then, Ivan connected with Kendall Long, which was a bit suspect as Kendall was clearly still hung up on her ex, Joe Amabile. At this point, it started to seem like Ivan was either bidding his time on the show to wait for someone who he knew was coming to Paradise or he was just trying to get a rose by any means necessary.

Ivan lied to the other guys

In last night’s episode, Ivan was distraught after Kendall left but he still assured the other men that he wasn’t going to try to steal any of their roses. As many of the couples on the beach are pretty solidified, Ivan made it seem like he was just going to wait for a new person to come on the beach or go home. However, pretty soon after expressing this to Aaron Clancey, Ivan decided to try to get to know Aaron’s most recent connection, Chelsea Vaughn.

The previews show Ivan in a sticky situation on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

In the previews for next week’s packed three-hour episode, it looks like Ivan will have to own up to a few things.

“I will slap that stupid beard off his face,” Aaron says of Ivan in the preview. “That guy’s such a little sneaky b*tch bag. He’s a desperate little b*tch boy. Dude is built like a chopstick—I’ll snap him in half.”

Aaron eventually confronts Ivan.

“You literally lied to my f*cking face,” Aaron says as Ivan walks up on him.

“Walk off now,” Aaron says.”How do you feel about it? What are you about to do about it?”

Then, in the most damning portion of the preview, Wells Adams confronts Ivan and asks if there is anything Ivan needs to tell him. Then, a tearful Ivan says that he shouldn’t have tried to get around the rules.

Because the clip ends there, we don’t really know what Ivan was talking about. How did he break the rules? What did he do wrong? Did he date someone before the show like Brendan Morais and Pieper James? Did he already have a girlfriend back home? Either way, it must be something big for Wells to confront him and for him to be crying while fessing up.

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