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The Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 cast is about to experience its first shakeup with the arrival of Demi Burnett. At the end of the premiere, many viewers were shocked to see the bachelorette, considering her previous engagement in season 6. But other fans needed a refresher on the contestant. So who is Demi from Bachelor in Paradise 2021? Here’s everything you need to know about the BIP star, including who she’s dated and spoilers from the current season.

Who is Demi Burnett from ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7 and who has she dated?

Headshot of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star Demi Burnett
‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star Demi Burnett | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Demi first appeared in The Bachelor Season 23 with Colton Underwood. But things didn’t work out, and she was eliminated in week 6. Then Demi returned for Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, and she got engaged to Kristian Haggerty

Nevertheless, Demi and Kristian broke up in October 2019. Then in February 2020, Demi started dating musician Slater Davis. But the couple split a few months after getting together.

Now, Demi is single and headed to BIP. But will the reality star end up with anyone special this time around? Bachelor Nation fans will just have to wait and see what happens to the 26-year-old in season 7.

What is Demi Burnett’s Instagram?

Bachelor in Paradise fans can find Demi’s Instagram under the handle @demi_not_lovato. The reality star frequently shares highlights from her life on the social media platform. Recently, she’s been promoting her time on BIP

Following her first appearance in the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 premiere, Demi made fun of her own arrival. 

“Me judging myself on BIP,” Demi wrote on Instagram.

Then the Bachelor Nation star teased how her first day impacts other couples on the beach. 

“I’m bored I might go ruin some relationships or something,” Demi captioned a BIP promo on Instagram.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains potential spoilers about Demi Burnett and the Bachelor in Paradise 2021 cast.]

Spoilers hint whether Demi Burnett will end up with someone in ‘BIP’ 2021


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For now, Bachelor in Paradise fans will just have to watch Demi’s drama unfold in season 7. But a few teasers have suggested that Demi could spark a connection with multiple contestants.

Ahead of the episode on Aug. 23, ABC teased Demi’s arrival in Paradise and hinted that the 26-year-old might break up a new couple. In a preview, Demi seems to connect with Connor Brennan, Brendan Morais, and Kenny Braasch. But Connor already started something with Maurissa Gunn. Brendan and Natasha Parker seemed to hit it off. Kenny and Mari Pepin-Solis also connected on a deeper level in the premiere. 

Meanwhile, the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 preview suggested that Demi will end up in a love triangle with Kenny and Mari. But according to Reality Steve’s BIP spoilers, Demi will not win in the end. On June 30, the Bachelor Nation blogger claimed that Mari and Kenny got engaged after some “back and forth” with Demi. 

Whether Demi’s fate matches the Bachelor in Paradise spoilers, the fandom is certain the reality star will bring some drama in season 7. So get ready.