‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Why Is Demi Burnett Feuding With Anna Redman and Mykenna Dorn?

 Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 is over and several people ended the season in loving relationships. Three couples got engaged and two couples who broke up found their way back to one another post-BIP. But others weren’t so lucky. In fact, some contestants ended up in feuds after the show. If you’ve been on the Bachelor in Paradise side of social media lately, you might have noticed that Demi Burnett is in a bit of a scuffle with Anna Redman and Mykenna Dorn. So, what is going on between the three contestants?

Headshot of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star Demi Burnett
‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star Demi Burnett | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Why are Demi Burnett, Mykenna Dorn, and Anna Redman fighting?

If you were confused when you saw that Demi, Mykenna, and Anna were in a tiff, you aren’t alone. Demi was not even on the show at the same time as the other two women. She was sent home after she failed to make a significant connection, long before Anna or Mykenna made their way onto the beach.

The drama between the women started off-camera when Demi tweeted that Anna was just entertaining James Bonsall for roses.

“I can see one of us grew up and the other didn’t,” Anna responded to the tweet.

“Really?” Mykenna responded, inserting herself into the drama.

Demi tried to defuse the situation.

“Awww just a joke Anna!!!!!” she wrote. “It was hilarious I couldn’t help myself.”

“I didn’t find it funny at all,” Mykenna responded. But of course, Demi couldn’t be bothered.

“You’re not my audience,” she wrote with a clown emoji.

Mykenna and Ana had short stints on ‘BIP’

Mykenna and Anna, who were on Peter Weber and Matt James’ seasons of The Bachelor respectively, were late arrivals to Bachelor in Paradise. By the time they both arrived, they had trouble finding guys who would agree to go on dates with them. Anna came onto the beach before Mykenna and James Bonsall agreed to go on a date with her. The two connected and made out in a hot tub during their date. However, on Fantasy Suites night, James decided to end the relationship and left the show with his friend, Aaron Clancy.

When Mykenna arrived, she tried to get Aaron to go on a date with her, however, he wasn’t in the headspace to go on a date. The rejection caused Mykenna to have a breakdown on the beach. Eventually, Ed Waisbrot felt bad for Mykenna and asked if he could go on the date with her.

“Nothing against you,” Mykenna said. “I just think that, I don’t think the timing’s right to be here.”

Eventually, Mykenna changed her mind and the two went on a date.

“I’m happy I stayed,” Mykenna told Ed on the date. “Started out as one of the worst days that I thought I could ever have here. Walking in, I was like, ‘I’m already crying, coming into [Bachelor in Paradise]. But this is turning out to be a really great night.”

However, when Fantasy Suites day came around, Mykenna decided to leave on her own.

Demi Burnett on ‘BIP’

Demi came into Paradise ready to break up some relationships. She first went for Brendan Morais but after they made out, he told her he was going to continue to pursue other people. Then, Demi went after Kenny Braasch, who was having trouble in his relationship with Mari Pepin. Ultimately, Kenny chose Mari over Demi.

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