‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Do Jill Chin and Kira Mengistu Have History with Romeo Alexander?

Bachelor in Paradise returned on Sept. 27, and obviously, drama ensued. Several of The Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants interact outside of the show, and there’s always a good chance the people in BIP have existing relationships. This season’s no different, and audiences got a taste of what’s to come when Jill Chin and Kira Mengistu, both from Clayton Echard’s season, had a heated exchange in episode 1. Here’s what we know about Jill and Kira’s history with Romeo Alexander.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers regarding Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 Episode 1.]

'Bachelor in Paradise' stars Jill, Romeo, and Kira in their promotional photos for season 8.
‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 8 stars Jill, Romeo, and Kira | ABC/Craig Sjodin

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ stars Jill Chin and Romeo Alexander sparked up something a little more than a friendship before filming

Those who watched Clayton’s season of The Bachelor likely remember Jill and Kira staying out of most of the drama. The two became friends during filming, which apparently flowed over into their everyday lives after the season ended.

As members of Bachelor Nation are wont to do, Jill also sparked up something with Romeo from Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette. They hung out, and from last night’s episode, it looks like Jill expected to connect with Romeo during Bachelor in Paradise. However, Romeo went to school with Kira, which means he also knew her outside of Bachelor Nation.

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Kira Mengistu and Romeo Alexander hung out in February of 2022

In February of 2022, a group of people from Bachelor Nation hung out with podcaster Justin Cole Adams. Justin’s the host of Justin Takes the Bach. Photographers snapped photos of Kira, Romeo, and Ivana Noble, another woman who appeared in Clayton’s season. In April, Kira revealed some of the men she hoped to “meet” during Bachelor in Paradise to BachelorNation.com, including Romeo. So, clearly, Kira had her eyes set on him before she even arrived on the beach.

During the Bachelor in Paradise premiere, Romeo admitted to Jill that he kissed Kira during their time together.

Jill felt confused by the admission and said, “I didn’t know a lot of things were happening in your life. I just wish I had a little more insight on what was going on.”

Throughout the night, every time Romeo and Jill managed to sneak away for some one-on-one time, Kira popped in and interrupted the conversation. Jill, wanting to avoid any big confrontation, excused herself each time. Finally, Romeo explained to Kira that he wanted to pursue Jill and not her, which Kira didn’t take well.

The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ premiere ended with Kira Mengistu and Jill Chin screaming at each other on the beach

Kira let producers know early on that she was there to have fun and make it into the “Boom Boom Room” as many times as she could during her time on Bachelor in Paradise. Clearly, she wanted to secure a rose from Romeo, but he prefers Jill instead. After Romeo told Kira that he wanted to pursue Jill, Kira confronted Jill, asking her why she continued to avoid her. Jill admitted she felt irritated by Kira’s constant interruptions, which somehow led to her accusing Jill of “s***-shaming” her. The conversation ended with Jill walking away in tears and a frustrated Kira venting to producers.

As always, it’s good to be back in Paradise.

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