‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Fans Want Tre Cooper’s Uncle to Be the Next Bachelor After Pictures of Him Hit the Internet

When it comes to Bachelor Nation, there is certainly a large amount of cross-over when it comes to dating. Everyone dates or hooks up with one another’s exes. But typically that cross-over doesn’t extend to family members. Tahzjuan Hawkins surprised the rest of her Bachelor in Paradise casmates when she revealed that she had actually dated Tre Cooper’s uncle. Now, after seeing pictures of Cooper’s uncle, fans are ready for him to be the next Bachelor.

Tre Cooper of 'Bachelor in Paradise' smiles in a blue shirt in front of trees.
Tre Cooper of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Tahzjuan comes clean on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

As soon as Hawkins set foot on the beach, Cooper pulled her aside to talk. While talking, Cooper asked her how she knew his uncle. She admitted that she had gone on a date with him and kissed him. Despite this, later Cooper told her that he still wanted to pursue her.

“I just want you to know like going forward, I’m excited to see what this turns into,” he said. “I like talking to you. You have really good energy. You’re a very quality woman so far, and I’m very interested in getting to know you. This is an amazing story to me. If there’s a better start to a story, I don’t know. So I’m definitely excited.”

Tre reveals his uncle to ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ fans

After the episode aired, Cooper was kind enough to reveal what his uncle looked like to fans.

“Too busy w work rn to think of a clever way to do this, so I’m just gonna drop this here and dip,” he tweeted. “To those who care, meet Uncle Anthony.”

After the picture was posted, fans seemed to understand Hawkins a lot more.


“Hold up now! How you doing Uncle Anthony?” another person said.

Fans want Anthony to be the Bachelor

Of course, the photo started circulating around Reddit. As soon as it was posted, fans began asking for Anthony to be cast as the next Bachelor.

“Uncle Anthony for Bachelor give the people what they WANT!!!” one person wrote.

“I don’t see a wedding ring,” another commented. “Uncle Anthony for bachelor please.”

“Is Uncle Anthony still single?” one person said. “Good-looking man.”

Some fans suggested that Anthony be part of the senior version of The Bachelor that has been casting. However, others wanted to see him on the regular show.

“I googled him, he’s 45,” one person said. “So please stop with all the senior bachelor comments. He can just be the regular bachelor.”

But above all, fans gained new respect for Hawkins.

“Ok, I know I’m not the only one who expected she was kissing on your standard cookout Unc,” one person said. “I underestimated you Taj and I’m sorry.”

Do Tahzjuan and Tre end up together?

So far, Cooper doesn’t seem to be too bothered by Hawkins’ connection to his family. He and Hawkins were one of the first couples on the show to kiss so things are looking up for the pair. But, as any BIP fan knows, things can turn on a dime.

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