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Many Bachelor in Paradise fans are buzzing about what happened to Ivan Hall in season 7. The Bachelorette fan-favorite has been involved in some drama this year. But it looks like whatever unfolds in episode 10 will take the cake. So what did Ivan do at the hotel in Bachelor in Paradise 2021? Reality Steve’s BIP spoilers will probably surprise you.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Ivan Hall in Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episodes 9 and 10.]

What happened to Ivan Hall in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2021?

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star Ivan Hall | ABC/Craig Sjodin

Ivan hasn’t had much luck on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. The contestant instantly connected with Jessenia Cruz on the first day. But Jessenia dumped Ivan for Chris Conran upon his arrival. Then when Ivan sparked something with Kendall Long, she decided to leave BIP because of her ex, Joe Amabile, and his relationship with Serena Pitt.

Finally, things started to turn around when Ivan met Chelsea Vaughn in episode 9 of Bachelor in Paradise. But Chelsea recently started talking to Aaron Clancy. So now, Aaron and Ivan are fighting.

Meanwhile, the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 10 promo trailer continued the heated argument between Ivan and Aaron. Later, Wells Adams seemingly accuses Ivan of doing something wrong, and James Bonsall asks if something happened at the hotel. The teaser also drops clips of Aaron and Chelsea looking distraught. Then Ivan answers Wells.

“I shouldn’t have gone around the system,” Ivan says. “You know, love makes you do weird, crazy things.”

Reality Steve’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ spoilers share what Ivan Hall did at the hotel

Ahead of episode 10 of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, franchise blogger Reality Steve shared spoilers about Ivan’s situation at the hotel. The spoiler guru claimed Ivan broke the rules by visiting Alexa Caves — who was on The Bachelor Season 24 with Peter Weber — when the BIP cast evacuated the beach due to the tropical storm

“So the biggest thing to come out of last night’s episode that I was asked the most was what happens with Ivan next week,” Reality Steve wrote on Sept. 22. “First off, when they had to evacuate because of the hurricane and go to the hotel, it was only for one night. They came back the next day. However, that night is where Ivan broke protocol.”

The Bachelor Nation blogger continued, “While they were supposed to be sequestered or stay in their own rooms, Ivan snuck over to Alexa Caves room and hung out with her all night. Producers found out about it and busted them. … Not sure how Ivan found Alexa’s room, but that’s what happened.”

Did Ivan Hall and Alexa Caves leave together, according to ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7 spoilers


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Now, Bachelor in Paradise fans will have to wait and see what really happened to Ivan and Alexa in season 7. But according to Reality Steve’s spoilers, both parties were sent home. 

In the Sept. 22 blog post, the Bachelor Nation spoiler king claimed Alexa was expected to arrive on the beach late in the game. But after the alleged hotel incident, Alex was “never allowed” to join the BIP cast. Meanwhile, Reality Steve claimed Ivan was “kicked off” Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. 

As always, Bachelor Nation fans will have to wait and see what happens with Ivan in episode 10 of Bachelor in Paradise. The contestant hasn’t even mentioned Alexa on the beach yet. So the BIP spoilers about Alexa and Ivan will certainly catch some fans off guard. But whatever happens next, we know it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Get ready.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 airs Tuesday nights on ABC.