‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Does Kenny Braasch End up With Tia Booth or Demi Burnett?

On Bachelor in Paradise, no relationship is safe. This season has definitely shown us that. After Demi Burnett stole Kenny Braasch from Mari Pepin, she felt pretty safe and secure in the relationship. Unfortunately for Demi, Tia Booth was around the corner waiting to take Kenny on a date. So, does Kenny end up with Demi or Tia?

'Bachelor in Paradise' star Kenny Braasch in a suit
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Demi stole Kenny from Mari on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Kenny and Mari had been hitting it off since Paradise began. But suddenly when new men arrived, Mari wanted to be able to explore her options.

“I want to keep nurturing this and growing this,” she told him. “But it’s just like, if we’re together… I don’t want to have any regrets, and I don’t want to have any what-ifs.”

Kenny was upset and told Mari that if she was going to explore more options so was he, which gave Demi a chance to slide in there and kiss him.

“It’s my opportunity!” Demi told the cameras. “Kenny’s so sexy. I heard he likes to be naked. I like to be naked. I want to have some fun with that.”

After courting Kenny, Demi ended up in the Boom Boom room with him and gave him her rose.

Tia arrives and takes Kenny on a date

When Tia arrived, Kenny seemed immediately interested. He pulled Demi aside and asked how she would feel about him going on a date. She told him in no uncertain terms that she would not be happy if he went on a date. However, when Tia asked him out, Kenny said yes.

Kenny and Tia seemed to have an instant connection and were able to have fun with one another, even when their date turned out to be an awkward game of nude beach volleyball. Kenny did reveal to Tia that he went to the Boom Boom room with Demi, which made her nervous about how Demi would react to their date. However, not nervous enough to stop her from kissing Kenny.

Despite Demi telling him earlier that she did not want to get to know other people, Kenny reassured Tia at the end of the date that he wanted to keep getting to know her.

Does Kenny end up with Tia or Demi after ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

[This article contains potential spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise]

Despite the battle sure to go on between Tia and Demi, Kenny doesn’t end Bachelor in Paradise with either woman. According to Reality Steve, Kenny actually gets engaged to Mari at the end of the season. The two have been spotted together several times since Paradise ended.


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In the previews for next week’s episode, Mari tells Kenny that despite everything that has happened, she still has feelings for him. Tia is also seen in the upcoming previews crying and saying that she wished someone had been more honest with her.

So, if Steve is right, somehow things must end with both Demi and Tia and start up again with Mari. My how things turn around in Paradise.