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[Spoilers ahead for Bachelor in Paradise]

This season of Bachelor in Paradise has proven to be just as dramatic and interesting as viewers hoped. And while Nicole Lopez-Alvar couldn’t win Colton Underwood’s heart on his season of The Bachelor, but now that she’s in Paradise, she seems to have found the man she wants to be with forever. Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor hit it off right from the beginning. Unfortunately, when Harbor’s ex, Angela Amezcua, stepped foot on the beach, Harbor’s relationship with Lopez-Alvar seemed uncertain.

Viewers see Lopez-Alvar and Harbor as one of the strongest couples in Paradise, but did Lopez-Alvar’s recent tweet allude that she and Harbor are no longer together? Here’s what she tweeted and what we know.

Nicole Lopez-Alvar developed a strong relationship with Clay Harbor

When it comes to relationships on the beach, Lopez-Alvar and Harbor seem to have one of the strongest and long-lasting connections yet. And even when Christian Estrada arrived on the beach and threatened their relationship by getting flirty with Lopez-Alvar, she ultimately decided Harbor was the one for her. “I’m starting to develop real feelings for this woman,” Heavy notes Harbor said at the time. And since their relationship was able to weather that storm, it looked like they’d be able to make it through anything.

Unfortunately, while Lopez-Alvar is fully committed to Harbor, it’s still questionable if Harbor is fully committed to her. As noted on the show, Harbor and Angela Amezcua broke up just months before seeing each other in Paradise. And while Amezcua is comfortable pursuing other relationships, Harbor is having difficulties dealing with his feelings over the breakup that he initiated. Not only that, but he assured Amezcua that he still cares for her deeply.

Lopez-Alvar’s Twitter comments have fans wondering if they’re still together

Amezcua and Harbor end up having an intense conversation about the intentions in Paradise, and it’s clear Amezcua has no interest in pursuing anything further with Harbor. Even so, fans are concerned that Lopez- Alvar and Harbor still don’t manage to make their relationship work after her recent tweet. Lopez-Alvar wrote on Twitter, “So, I’m having a sleepover with @TayshiaAdams tonight and we’re about to go get ice cream, but first, we both wanna say that dating is hard (shocker). We are all the product of dating in the 21st century. It’s a nightmare. That’s the tweet and the tea.”

Calling dating “a nightmare” certainly doesn’t sound like things ended on a high note for the lovers. But even if Lopez-Alvar finds dating difficult, it seems she mended broken fences with Amezcua. After mocking her on the show, Lopez-Alvar tweeted an apology — and Amezcua commented back that she had nothing but love for her.

Sources claim Harbor refuses to propose in the end

We’re all hopeful that Lopez-Alvar and Harbor really do make it work in the end, but unfortunately, sources are claiming the relationship comes to a catastrophic end on the show. Heavy reports Reality Steve says they make it all the way to the end, but Harbor has difficulty telling Lopez-Alvar that he loves her. Not only that, but he also refuses to propose to her, which is ultimately what she wishes for. For this reason, it’s rumored that the two break up.

Perhaps Harbor is still holding on to feelings from his past relationship or perhaps he just doesn’t see a future with Lopez-Alvar. As Annaliese Puccini, Amezcua’s friend, said, “When he broke up with Angela, he told her he couldn’t even imagine looking at another girl. And now he’s on the beach where he’s supposed to be getting engaged to someone at the end?” Puccini seems to have a point, as it appears Harbor doesn’t get to the point in the relationship that Lopez-Alvar needs him to be at.

Despite their romance allegedly not working out, there’s no doubt Lopez-Alvar has built quite a following thanks to her antics in Paradise. There’s always hope she’ll be on next season or make it as The Bachelorette!

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