‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Noah Erb Comments on Brendan Morais and Pieper James Controversy

Bachelor Nation quickly turned on Brendan Morais after his actions on this week of Bachelor in Paradise. The actor lost thousands of followers overnight after Monday’s episode aired. Another paradise guest Pieper James has also lost thousands of followers.

Here’s what happened and how their fellow cast member Noah Erb reacted to the situation. 

What did Brendan Morais and Pieper James do?

On Monday night’s episode, Pieper James showed up to paradise with a date card. Brendan Morais had already been in paradise for weeks. He went on a date with Demi Burnett, who asked him out upon her arrival in paradise. But Morais primarily showed interest in Natasha Parker. 

Rumors that Morais was already in a relationship with James swirled the first week on the beach. Morais denied this, particularly to Parker. 

When James arrived, she immediately singled Morais out for a date. She did not talk to any of the others in paradise. The two had clear chemistry, and their conversations made it obvious that they were in a relationship before coming on the show. 

After the date, Parker pulled James aside to get more clarity on the nature of their relationship. James’s versions of events did not align with what Morais had told Parker on camera.

Viewers and other cast members on the island quickly determined that Morais had been lying to and using Parker to stay in paradise just long enough for his girlfriend James to arrive.

How is Noah Erb involved?

Noah Erb is also in the current season of Bachelor in Paradise. He was a contestant with Morais on season 16 of The Bachelorette. Both men fought for the heart of Tayshia Adams, who ended up choosing and getting engaged to Zac Clark. 

Currently, Erb is pursuing the affection of Abigail Heringer, who was a contestant on season 25 of The Bachelor. Erb is friends with Morais since the two were in the same season of The Bachelorette and appear to get along well in paradise. 

Noah Erb poses on the beach.
Noah Erb | Craig Sjodin/Disney General Entertainment Content

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Noah Erb says ‘using someone else is never okay’

Noah Erb took to social media following Tuesday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise to state his opinion on his friend Morais’s controversy. 

In his Instagram Stories, Erb posted a series of videos of himself speaking. He captioned the first one, “There is a difference with being friends with people and not calling out a wrong when it’s wrong.”

In the next slide, Erb wrote, “We are all guilty of not being perfect but using someone else is never okay.”

He also wrote, “There is so much that goes on that you’re not aware of.” The following slide said, “Hurting others is never the answer.” His next caption read, “A wrong is a wrong. Let’s stop tearing eachother down and using people.”

His final slide said, “@natashaparker you know uncle no no gotchu 👊🏼 mimosas on me?”

Based on his comments, it appears that while Erb still wants to remain friends with Morais, he knows that what Morais did was wrong. He seems to agree with most viewers that Morais used Natasha Parker to stay in paradise long enough for his girlfriend Pieper James to get there, at which point he dumped Parker. Erb also wants to be a good friend to Parker, even offering to take her out for mimosas.