‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Who Is Pieper James on ‘BIP’ 2021 and Who Does She End Up With?

On Sept. 6, Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 will finally address the dating rumors surrounding Pieper James and Brendan Morais. Previously, the ABC reality series put Brendan on the hot seat. Now, Pieper’s arrival will hopefully clear up any misunderstandings. But who is Pieper on Bachelor in Paradise 2021? Here’s everything we know about the BIP cast member, including her job, age, Instagram, and spoilers about her future on the show.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Pieper James on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7.]

Who is Pieper James on  ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7?

Headshot of Pieper James from Bachelor Nation
Pieper James from Bachelor Nation | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

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Before Pieper joined the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 cast, she was on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. The marketing graduate student and model from Happy Valley, Oregon, sparked a connection with Matt after their adorable carnival one-on-one date. But in the end, Pieper and Matt weren’t meant to be.

In week 7 of The Bachelor Season 25, Matt eliminated Pieper during a rose ceremony. But now, Pieper is hoping for another shot at love in Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. The 24-year-old is expected to return to the franchise in BIP Episode 6 on Sept. 6, and she’s already tied to another contestant.

What is ‘BIP’ 2021 star Pieper James’ Instagram?

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Bachelor in Paradise fans can find Pieper on Instagram under the handle @pieper_james. The reality star frequently posts photos of her adventures on the social media platform, including her new life in New York City. 

Meanwhile, Pieper hasn’t posted much about her Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 appearance. But it’s clear that she’s still friends with the women from her season. Pieper has been seen alongside The Bachelor Season 25 stars Chelsea Vaughn, Serena Chew, and Abigail Heringer. 

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2021 spoilers claim Pieper James and Brendan Morais end up together

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As mentioned, Pieper will show up and reunite with Brendan in Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 6 on Sept. 6. Previously, multiple BIP cast members accused Brendan of dating Pieper before filming the show. Then Brendan, who has been seeing Natasha Parker on BIP, claimed the rumors were untrue. 

That said, a recent promo for Bachelor in Paradise suggested that Pieper and Brendan already had a connection. Typically, new arrivals come with a date card, and they pull existing cast members to chat before choosing someone on a date. But in the teaser, Pieper immediately asks Brendan. So naturally, many viewers are wondering whether the reality stars actually shared something special ahead of the show.

Now, it seems we’ll find out what happened between Pieper and Brendan before filming Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. But whatever the case, the past is the past, and some fans are looking toward the future. Luckily, Bachelor Nation blogger Reality Steve already shared spoilers about Brendan and Pieper’s fate, and it’s possible we have another happy ending coming up soon.

According to the franchise spoiler guru, Brendan and Pieper will end up together, but they won’t get engaged. The couple will allegedly leave the show ahead of Fantasy Suites, and they are still together now. Reality Steve wrote:

“Brendan Morais and Pieper James left the show before overnights as a couple. We saw the stories pre-show that they were dating before BIP even started, this became a storyline on the show, I believe they started getting called out for it by others, so they just bounced, but are dating post-show.”

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 releases new episodes on Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC.