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The Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 5 preview isn’t messing around as the cast continues to choose chaos on Aug. 31. So here’s a quick breakdown of the new BIP promo trailer, which seemingly spoils a major love triangle and the arrival of three bachelorettes.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episodes 4 and 5.]

New ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Episode 5 preview teases Tammy Ly, Thomas Jacobs, and Aaron Clancy triangle

The end of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 4 left fans on a cliffhanger. Tammy Ly kissed Thomas Jacobs in front of Aaron Clancy, and the two men argued on the beach. Then the episode wrapped as Tammy walked up to her suitors.

Meanwhile, the new Bachelor in Paradise preview for episode 5 revealed how the love triangle will end. Aaron yells at Tammy, seemingly ending their relationship.

“You completely sacrificed everything we had built,” Aaron tells Tammy. “And you will regret it like no other. I promise you.”

Then Tammy leaves in tears.

Becca Kufrin returns and shakes up the ‘BIP’ 2021 cast

As the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 5 trailer continues, it becomes clear that the cast is in shambles. The preview highlights couples that were “massacred” in the last episode. 

Previously, Demi Burnett stepped in and got with Kenny Braasch when Mari Pepin-Solis questioned whether she should explore her options. Chasen Nick and Chris Conran went on a double date with Deandra Kanu and Jessenia Cruz, respectively. So now, Karl Smith and Ivan Hall are left wondering what this means for their relationships with the two women.

Meanwhile, the Bachelor in Paradise preview confirms the return of The Bachelorette’s Becca Kufrin. Then Karl’s wounded heart seemingly mended.

“It’s Becca, like what is she doing here?” Karl says in a voiceover. “The Paradise gods have heard my cry, and they have delivered.”

Becca also shares why she joined the BIP cast. “You know, I see other relationships around me grow and flourish, and I want that,” she says. 

Tia Booth and Kenny Braasch go on a date in the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Episode 5 promo trailer

Headshot of Tia Booth from ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Seasons 5 and 6
Tia Booth from ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ | Craig Sjodin/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Now, Becca isn’t the only bachelorette arrival in Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 5. Tia Booth from The Bachelor Season 22 and Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 also joins the cast in the new Aug. 31 episode. 

In the new preview, Tia shows up, and she instantly captures Kenny’s attention. 

“Is that Tia?” Kenny asks. “Looking good!”

Then the BIP promo seemingly spoils a one-on-one date between Kenny and Tia. The reality stars kiss on the beach, and it seems the bachelorette is impressed.

“He is the full package and has the full package,” Tia says as Kenny strips down naked on their date.

Kendall Long poses a threat to Serena Pitt and Joe Amabile in week 3 of ‘BIP’


‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2021 Schedule: Everything You Need to Know About New Season 7 Episodes

With new romance blossoming for Becca and Kufrin, the Bachelor in Paradise Episode 5 preview had to drop another bombshell. Joe Amabile tells Serena Pitt they are the “strongest couple” on the show. But it’s clear there’s another shakeup on the way.

Kendall Long, who is Joe’s ex-girlfriend from Bachelor in Paradise Season 5, waltzes down the beach. She instantly pulls Joe away from Serena for a chat. Joe and Kendall walk off together, and they hug. But Grocery Store Joe isn’t exactly happy.

“Oh s—,” he says in an interview with producers.

Clearly, we’ve got a lot of drama ahead when episode 5 of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 drops on Aug. 31. So buckle up.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 airs Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC.