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Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 delivered quite the love square with Tia Booth, Kenny Braasch, Demi Burnett, and Mari Pepin-Solis. But now, it seems one person might be out of the picture. Recently, Tia opened up about her relationships with Demi and Kenny on Bachelor in Paradise 2021 — here’s what she had to say.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains potential spoilers about Tia Booth from Bachelor in Paradise 2021.]

What happened to Kenny Braasch, Tia Booth, and Demi Burnett in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2021?

In the first few episodes of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, Kenny formed a connection with Mari and Demi. Then Tia returned to the franchise in episode 5, and she asked Kenny on a date. Demi also wasn’t thrilled about the match, and she seemingly threw shade at Tia’s shorts.

Meanwhile, many Bachelor Nation fans thought Kenny and Tia hit it off on their date. The reality stars were asked to strip down naked for a game of volleyball. Then they had a solid chat, and they seemed to leave the door open for more conversations. 

Tia Booth on Demi Burnett and Kenny Braasch from ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7

For now, Bachelor in Paradise fans will have to watch how the Kenny-Tia-Demi-Mari situation sorts itself out in season 7. But recently, Tia seemingly hinted how everything unravels on her end. 

In the Sept. 1 episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with Becca Kufrin, Tia suggested that she became friends with Demi and there wasn’t any beef after her date with Kenny. She said:

“It was completely normal and fine, just so everyone knows. Can I also say at this point? Demi talking s— about me is a compliment. We talked about this. I’m like, ‘Demi can shade me all she wants.’ She came and told me everything. She said, ‘I just wanna let you know. I threw shade on your denim shorts.’ And I’m like, ‘It’s fine. … “Just for the record, shade from Demi means that she’s thinking about you.”

Meanwhile, Tia hinted that she formed a closer bond with Demi than she did with Kenny on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7.

“I saw Demi naked more than I saw Kenny and kissed her more passionately than I kissed Kenny,” Tia said. “It was a fun time. Sometimes moments are really tense on the show. But we honestly did have a lot of fun.”

Tia Booth hints she doesn’t end up with Kenny Braasch on ‘BIP’ 2021

Headshot of Tia Booth from ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Seasons 5 and 6
Tia Booth from ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ | Craig Sjodin/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

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While Tia and Kenny sparked something in episode 5 of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, it seems they didn’t end up together. Not only did Tia hint that she eventually becomes closer to Demi, but she also suggested that things don’t go anywhere with Kenny on the show.

“It was a blast, and I was glad that I took [Kenny on the date] because he was probably the only person that would’ve been comfortable naked,” Tia said on Bachelor Happy Hour. “But no love connection. It’s fine.”

Whatever happens to Tia on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, it seems the reality star had some fun on the summer spinoff. So cheers to that.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 airs Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC.