Is ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ on Tonight, Sept. 13, 2021? Here’s When to Watch Season 7 Episode 8 on ABC and Hulu

It’s officially time for Bachelor in Paradise fans to reset their calendars because ABC has switched up the Monday and Tuesday schedule. So is there a new episode of Bachelor in Paradise on tonight, Sept. 13, 2021? Here’s everything we know about BIP Season 7 Episode 8, including the release date, start time, what to expect when the show returns, and how to watch the next few episodes on ABC and Hulu.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 8.]

Why isn’t ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ on tonight, Sept. 13, 2021? Will the show return next Monday?

Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin-Solis hold each other in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7 Episode 8
Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin-Solis in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7 Episode 8 | ABC/Craig Sjodin

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 is not on tonight, Sept. 13, and it isn’t even because of Dancing with the Stars this week. ABC will air Monday Night Football during BIP’s usual 8 p.m. ET time slot tonight. 

That said, Bachelor Mondays are officially over — for now. Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 will not be airing new episodes on Monday nights moving forward. Dancing with the Stars Season 30 will claim the 8-10 p.m. ET time slot starting with the premiere next week on Monday, Sept. 20.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7 Episode 8 return date, start time, and when to watch the remaining episodes

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While Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 won’t come on tonight, there will be a new episode tomorrow night in its usual time slot. So episode 8 of BIP 2021 will be released on Tuesday, Sept. 14, at 8-10 p.m. ET on ABC. The new episode will also drop on Hulu on Wednesday, Sept. 15.

Meanwhile, Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 will continue airing episodes on Tuesday nights. And according to ABC’s schedule, the summer spinoff will release new episodes up until The Bachelorette Season 18 premiere on Oct. 19. Michelle Young’s season will also air on Tuesday nights. But whatever the case, it’s likely there are only 5 episodes left, and the Bachelor in Paradise finale will be released on Tuesday, Oct. 12. 

What to expect from the next episode of ‘BIP’ 2021

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As Bachelor in Paradise fans move to Tuesday nights for the remainder of season 7, many viewers are simply looking forward to episode 8 on Tuesday, Sept. 14. So what can Bachelor Nation expect from the new episode? There’s a lot of drama ahead.

According to the synopsis on ABC, Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 8 will highlight the “craziest” rose ceremony nights in the show’s history. The synopsis says:

Heading into the long-awaited cocktail party, five women prepare to be sent home, but first, they’ll have to make it through one of the craziest nights in Paradise history. Starting off with a bang, the beach’s most controversial couple faces a reckoning they can’t come back from. Then, one couple pays a visit to the Boom Boom Room, another endures a birthday breakup of epic proportions, and one unlucky lady gets a second chance at love, all before the rose ceremony even begins. 

Now, episode 8 of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 doesn’t stop at the end of the elimination ceremony. After at least five contestants are sent home, it seems there’s more drama ahead. According to ABC’s synopsis, guest host Lil Jon will finally arrive and introduce a “whole new batch of guys.” But even so, it’s possible more heartbreak is on the way.

“As a new day begins, it feels like a fresh start in Paradise,” the synopsis says. “But is there more hope or heartbreak on the horizon for these beachgoers? Only time will tell on Bachelor in Paradise.”

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 airs Tuesdays on ABC.