‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Victoria P. Says Her Nashville Boyfriend Broke up With Her 1 Month Before Filming — Here’s Why

Victoria P. didn’t last long on the seventh season of Bachelor in Paradise. She sent herself home after a couple of the women suggested that she had a boyfriend waiting for her back home. In an interview with the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast she did on Aug. 25, Victoria P. shared more of her side of the story.

Victoria P. is greeted by David Spade as she arrives on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Victoria P. and David Spade on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Victoria P. says she and boyfriend, Teddy Robb, broke up the month before ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ started filming

Victoria P. said on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast that she and country singer Teddy Robb only dated for “two and a half months.”

“I think that probably the weight of whether Paradise was going to be a thing or not weighed heavy on our relationship,” she said. “He didn’t ask me to stay and was just like, ‘You should do it. You should go. I encourage you to follow your heart.’”

When Victoria P. moved to Nashville in January, she says she wasn’t looking for a boyfriend because she knew she was going to be on Bachelor in Paradise. But then she met Teddy.

“He asked me to get a drink with him and we ended up going,” she said. “We became really close, like, best friends. It just developed into something more unintentionally.”

The reality star says she was up-front with her plans for Paradise with Teddy right away.

“That’s part of the reason why going on Paradise was difficult because I’m, like, typically in my relationships in the past it’s been, ‘I’m going to get to know you. You’re going to get to know me.’ There’s no pressure, but if we connect and it takes off … great!” she said.

Victoria P. says she and Teddy Robb broke up because of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’


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Just one month before Bachelor in Paradise began filming, the couple split.

“He broke up with me and was, like, ‘I just feel like you’ve got your own thing going on. Paradise is this huge weight on us, whether you’re going to go, whether you’re not. Are we serious enough for you to stay? Are you going to have regrets if you stay?’” she said.

Victoria P. said Teddy being so supportive of her going on BIP showed her that they weren’t serious.

“I think he was probably trying to give me his blessing, but it was like he wouldn’t fully commit,” she said. “When someone won’t fully commit, naturally it’s, like, ‘OK. Well if you’re not going to be all in then maybe I should [go on the show].’”

Victoria P.’s mental health struggles

BIP fans probably remember Victoria P.’s use of “therapy techniques” during her conflict with Kelsey and Tammy. She started struggling with her mental health after she was on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor.


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“I really struggled — on the show and off the show,” she said. “There was a point where I, post-show, really needed to lean on the people in my life to help me get through it. I had to see someone in regards to my mental health because I did not want to live anymore.”

Thanks to her work in therapy, Victoria P. is now proud of her “ability to work through things,” particularly during her time on Bachelor in Paradise where she feels she was able to “communicate and handle conflict with grace.”