Bachelor Nation Fans Would Love to See Demi Burnett as the Bachelorette

Nick Viall, JoJo Fletcher, Sean Lowe, Hannah Brown, and Tayshia Adams are just a few of the memorable contestants to have passed through Bachelor Nation over the past few years. Amongst the MVPs is Demi Burnett, the unforgettable 26-year-old Texas native. 

Burnett has become an iconic piece of ABC’s popular and successful franchise that is focused on finding love, and now many fans and viewers want to see her as the star. Take a look back at Burnett’s Bachelor Nation journey and why so many followers are hoping to see her as the next leading woman of The Bachelorette

Demi Burnett’s Bachelor Nation journey

Fans and viewers first had the opportunity to get to know Burnett during Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. Though it didn’t work out between Underwood and Burnett, or any of the contestants for that matter, the Texas native who is known to be both bold and beautiful had become a fan-favorite. 

Burnett made it to the sixth episode of the 23rd season of The Bachelor before being eliminated by Underwood. That following summer, the highly-talked about contestant made her debut appearance on Bachelor in Paradise

Though lot of viewers were hoping and expecting to see Burnett on season six of Bachelor in Paradise, many fans and followers may have been surprised to learn that Burnett is bisexual. The revelation came when footage of the series showed Burnett sharing that she was in love with a woman. As fans and followers soon learned, that woman was Kristian Haggarty. 

Burnett and Haggarty ended Bachelor in Paradise happily engaged, but as Cosmopolitan shared, just a few months after making it official, the pair announced that they were calling off their engagement. Distance seemed to be one of the main factors at hand, but even though it may have not worked out, it was definitely a momentous, celebratory, and historic event for Bachelor Nation to host it’s first-ever same-sex engagement. With that being said, fans and followers want more. 

Bachelor Nation fans would love to see Demi Burnett as ABC’s bachelorette 

DEMI, CONNOR on 'The Bachelor'
DEMI, CONNOR on ‘The Bachelor’ | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Burnett’s fireball personality, charismatic charm, and raw authenticity are just a few of the many reasons she would be an excellent choice for season 19 of The Bachelorette. However, of course, fans and followers can’t help but daydream about all the possibilities that could come with having a bisexual bachelorette. 

Being attracted to both men and women, Burnett could potentially be the first star of The Bachelorette to have both male and female contestants. This Reddit discussion captured some of the hope and hype surrounding the possibility. 

Demi Burnett’s journey so far on the current season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’


‘BIP’: Demi Burnett Finally Shared Why She and Kristian Haggerty Split

Though the idea of Burnett as one of ABC’s bachelorette is nothing short of amazing, fans and followers of Bachelor Nation seem to be getting a bit ahead of themselves. Season seven of Bachelor in Paradise began airing this August, and Burnett is one of the many contestants who was searching for love while in Mexico. 

Coming into the game a bit-late, Burnett initially had her eyes on Brendan Morais, but after some awkward moments on their date, the 26-year-old wasted no time moving forward. 

With that being said, Burnett moved on to pursuing Kenny Braasch, the 40-year-old contestant known for his extreme good looks and fit body. Though fans and viewers are still watching and waiting to see how the dynamic between Burnett and Braasch plays out, a recent episode of Bachelor in Paradise revealed that Burnett and Braasch have spent some quality time in the “Boom Boom Room”. 

On that note, it is hard to say if Burnett will even be single or available to fill the highly coveted position on The Bachelorette. However, if Burnett just so happens to be free and partnerless, it would make for quite an epic moment and season for the ABC franchise.