‘The Bachelorette’ Why Fans Believe Ivan Hall Was Set up to Fail, Especially During the Fantasy Suite

The Bachelorette‘s frantic season is finally over and Tayshia Adams now has her man.

[Spoiler alert for The Bachelorette season finale below.]

However, a lot of fans are saying that several of the men were robbed, including Ivan Hall, who they believe did not get a fair chance in the last stages of the competition.

Ivan Hall and Tayshia Adams
Ivan Hall and Tayshia Adams | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

Ivan Hall on ‘The Bachelorette’

Hall, from Dallas, Texas is 28 and is an aeronautical engineer, according to his official The Bachelorette bio. In his job, he builds jets for the United States military. According to the bio, Hall says that he close with his mother and enjoys her Filipino cooking. He shares something in common with Adams, as they are both Black and biracial. Adams is Black and Mexican while Hall is Black and Filipino. The bio states that on the, he looked for someone who was “not only beautiful and nurturing, but also smart and ambitious.”

Speaking about Hall, host Chris Harrison said back in September, “Ivan’s a really smart guy. Quiet, soft-spoken, extremely likable. His nickname, Sweet Ivan. But did the nice guys ever finish first? Sometimes they do. We’ll see if sweet Ivan can be that guy.”

Early spoliers that came out about the show were eventually confirmed when Hall makes it to the top four with Zac Clark, Brendan Morais, and Ben Smith. However, he was eliminated before going to the finals. Adams eliminated Hall and Morais and took Clark and Smith to the final, with Clark ultimately winning her heart.

Fans say Ivan Hall was not treated fairly on the show

On Hall’s Instagram page, fans posted messages of support and also left comments about not understanding the reason why Adams gave him the boot.

Some viewers thought that Hall shouldn’t have even been able to make it far in the competition, especially the Fantasy Suite, is religion was essentially a dealbreaker for Adams. “She should have never let Ivan make it to fantasy suites if religion was that important to her,” wrote one fan.

Someone else added, “What was the religion thing ab[out]? i thought they were both [C]hristian and last episode they talked ab how much god meant to them.”

Another fan pointed out that the differences in their perspectives on religion were also not explored that deeply on the show and didn’t seem fleshed out. “This girl dumped you because of religion? What was the issue! Are you part of a dark religion or just not religious? Why! We got no context.”

On top of all this, a lot of fans believe that it was clear that Hall didn’t get the same treatment as the other suitors. For the Fantasy Suite, he and Adams got a trailer and an ice bath followed that. “You’re amazing!! Deserved WAY more than an ice bath and trailer suite,” wrote someone else.

It’s safe to say that Hall became very much a fan-favorite during his stint on the show, so it would not be surprising if we saw him back for Bachelor in Paradise or The Bachelor.