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The instant Joe Park was eliminated from The Bachelorette Season 16, viewers wondered whether they’d see the fan-favorite on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. Now, the anesthesiologist has something to say about his future with the franchise. But it seems Joe hopes he isn’t on the summer spinoff — and for good reason. So here’s what he said and what to expect from BIP moving forward.

Joe Park is from ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 16 with Tayshia Adams and Clare Crawley

Joe Park and Tayshia Adams on 'The Bachelorette' 2020
Joe Park and Tayshia Adams on ‘The Bachelorette’ | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

In case you need a quick refresher, Joe is from The Bachelorette Season 16 with Tayshia Adams and Clare Crawley. The contestant didn’t receive much screentime, aside from a few humorous remarks. But even so, Joe’s time on The Bachelor franchise was more impactful than many viewers realize. 

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight from November 2020, Joe revealed he was “pretty sad” and “upset” after his elimination in episode 7. He even shed a few tears, noting he got emotional “just knowing that this dream … was a mirage.”

That said, Joe was still grateful for the overall experience. “It was such a beautiful experience and it really was a beautiful moment that we had there amongst the guys, but also with Tayshia and Clare,” he said. “All of us got to escape this pandemic reality we were living in, and I think everybody appreciated that moment.”

Joe Park answers whether he’d return for ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7

Following his elimination on The Bachelorette Season 16, Joe went on the Viall Files podcast to discuss his Bachelor Nation journey. Then at the end of his conversation with Nick Viall, Joe answered whether he’d return for Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. And at first, the contestant didn’t exactly say no.

“After you do it, you’re like, oh man. I’m glad I’m in my new place and I’ll never do it again,” Joe said. “But as time passes, you’re like, OK. That actually wasn’t that bad, and I’m ready to do it again.”

Even so, Joe hopes to find his perfect match before Bachelor in Paradise starts filming. “I really hope I’m not single by the time that rolls around,” he said. “I hope I find somebody, something meaningful, to be honest with you.”

Meanwhile, Joe echoed his comments about BIP in the above interview with Entertainment Tonight. He also extended his answer to becoming The Bachelor lead for 2020. “If I’m single at that time, I would definitely evaluate that option, yes,” Joe said. “I would not say no right away, but I’d do a little more research and know what I’m getting myself into.”

But at the very least, it appears The Bachelorette alum is open to dating within the franchise. “If anybody in Bachelor Nation wants to hang out and talk, I’m here for it,” Joe said. “Get at me!”

Chris Harrison and Rob Mills open up about ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7


‘The Bachelorette’: Tayshia Adams Says Fans Won’t Expect Her Ending

Whether Joe ends up on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, there will still be plenty of cast members to choose from. As you may know, the summer spinoff didn’t air in 2020. Then in an interview with Glamour from November 2020, ABC executive Rob Mills revealed the summer spinoff will be released eventually. So it’s possible BIP will return in 2021 with fan-favorites from multiple different seasons.

“We have every intention of figuring out how to do Bachelor in Paradise,” Mills said. “We have a little bit of time because we need to see where the world is. But if you think about it, we have Peter [Weber]’s cast, we have Tayshia’s cast, we will have Matt James’s cast, and then whoever the next Bachelorette is.”

He continued, “That is four really great groups of men and women to stock the pond with. So of course you’re going to have a great season of Bachelor in Paradise. We’re committed to figuring out how we can make that work.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with Us Weekly, host Chris Harrison touched on the potential filming schedule for The Bachelor franchise moving forward.

“In all seriousness, our dream scenario is Bachelorette is next. That’s our normal schedule,” he said. “You know, we shot The Bachelor in the normal timeframe, we’re going to shoot Bachelorette in the normal timeframe — this winter/spring — and then that’ll lead us into, hopefully, the Bachelor in Paradise that we normally have in June.”

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