‘Bachelorette’ Star John Paul Jones Is Getting Flirty With Kirpa Sudick From Colton Underwood’s ‘Bachelor’ Season

Those who follow The Bachelor are still reeling over Peter Weber’s season — but controversy has lived on the show long before Weber. Back in Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise, fans saw hearts break, love flourish, and plenty of drama happen on the beaches of Mexico. And one of the most unlikely couples to continue their relationship off the beach was John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams.

Jones and Adams didn’t last, as we know. But it looks like Jones may be flirting with another Bachelor star from Colton Underwood’s season. Here’s what we noticed about his Instagram activity with Kirpa Sudick.

John Paul Jones appears to be single after his breakup with Tayshia Adams

John Paul Jones on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
John Paul Jones on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Jones lusted after Adams on Bachelor in Paradise — and they both appeared to have a great time together on the show. We know Adams left the show early after feeling unsure about her feelings for Jones — but she later flew out to Maryland to rekindle their romance. While the two sustained a relationship for months, it appears they couldn’t make things work. And now, it looks like both Adams and Jones remain single.

As for why Adams and Jones broke up, it seems multiple factors were at play. Adams played it off like the physical distance between them was too much to bear — but we know Jones moved out to California to advance his career and spend more time with his girlfriend. It seems that the real reason behind their split came down to a lack of clear communication.

“I would never badmouth John. We both have our flaws. I think communication is a really big deal,” Adams said on the Bachelor Party podcast. “If you’re choosing to have that stuff go in one ear and out the other, that’s on you.”

Kirpa Sudick got her heart broken by Colton Underwood on ‘The Bachelor’

We’ve seen plenty of heartbreak on The Bachelor and spin-off shows over the years. And we can’t forget when Underwood decided to send Kirpa Sudick packing on his season. Sudick made it quite far in the season, but she failed to make a lasting connection with Underwood (and it’s clear Underwood already had his sights set on Cassie Randolph). Even so, she thought they’d make a great match.

“I had just come off a breakup and my friends were like, ‘This online dating thing isn’t working for you, why don’t you submit yourself for The Bachelor?’ It was kind of a joking thing, but I went on my phone and did it,” Glamour reports Sudick said of her decision to go on the show.

While Sudick didn’t win Underwood’s heart, she seems to have a clearer understanding of what she wants and needs in a relationship. “Your partner needs to be able to express how he’s feeling and if he needs something, don’t be shy about bringing it to light. [I need] someone that is very open,” she added.

Jones and Sudick are exchanging flirty messages

We don’t heart too much about Jones and Sudick — but it seems they’re publicly getting flirty. On April 9, Sudick posted a photo to Instagram of her in a swimsuit wearing a hat that said “Babe.” Jones commented, “Niiiice,” with a fire emoji — and she took notice.

On the same day, Jones posted a photo of himself with who appeared to be a young niece or family member. And Sudick commented a heart-eyed emoji in response.

We’re not sure how long this online flirtation has been going on — but it looks like it’s mutual. Could these two take things to the next level once coronavirus (COVID-19) bans are lifted? Only time will tell — and it certainly wouldn’t be the first time a Bachelor Nation couple made things work.

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