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DJ Duffey wants everything to be perfect for her Vegas birthday bash and the Basketball Wives star asks rapper French Montana to play a part in the celebration – which includes being a matchmaker.

In an exclusive clip shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Duffey is in planning mode with music executive Zoe Young, and pal Brittish Wiliams. Duffey is working on the music aspect of the event and welcomes French to the planning party. Duffey was French’s DJ and greets him with more than one proposition.

Is Duffey trying to play matchmaker to French and Brittish on ‘Basketball Wives’?

French hugs Zoe and Duffey when he arrives and meets Brittish. Duffey explains to French that she has a mansion and a huge squad coming to the party. “Like it’s crazy vibes,” she explains to him. “I wanted to do it big on my birthday. Everyone’s coming but I had to come and make sure the set is good.”

Jennifer Williams, Brittish Williams, DJ Duffey, Jackie Christie, Brooke Bailey, Brandi Maxiell and Angel Brinks attend VH1's "Basketball Wives" Private Premiere Viewing Party
Jennifer Williams, Brittish Williams, DJ Duffey, Jackie Christie, Brooke Bailey, Brandi Maxiell, and Angel Brinks| Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

Suddenly, Duffey decides now was the perfect time to tell French all about Brittish. “Brittish is also single,” she tells French, almost out of nowhere. “She’s ready to mingle here in Vegas.” Both French and Brittish look a little surprised and it’s obvious they feel awkward.

Brittish is a little blindsided by Duffey’s matchmaking remarks

“You know, she’s got a little body-yaddie,” Duffey continues during the Basketball Wives clip. “She can dress really well. She’s rich, she has a beautiful smile. Very funny!”

Brittish sits next to Duffey looking slightly mortified. “Now she’s selling me out bro!” Brittish says. Duffey wonders if Brittish is “getting nervous” and Brittish says, “Yeah, a little bit!” as she blushes and puts her hand over her face.

“I’ve never seen her giggle like that,” Duffey observes. “It’s like that’s crazy.”

“Duffey is so random!” Brittish says in a confessional. “I’m like we didn’t talk about this before we said we were coming over here. We were coming over here to talk about business.”

What did Duffey really want from French Montana?

Thankfully for Brittish, French guides the conversation back to business and asks Duffey what she’s been doing lately. She says, “I’ve been thinking about my decision when it comes to DJing. But one of my goals, when I did start DJing was to put out my own record.”


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“And all the hustling and everything I’m doing as far as DJing, it’s been cool,” she continued. “So I’m like maybe tour life isn’t the best for me, but a record, me and you could still work together.”

Brittish jokingly gets her friend back for putting her in the hot seat. She says to French, “Basically what she’s asking you for is, she wants you to do a song with her.” Duffey comes back with an uneasy smile.

The room falls silent as French now has to ponder if he’s ready to record with Duffey. Will French help Duffey fulfill one of her career goals – especially on her birthday?

Stay tuned. Basketball Wives is on Monday at 8 pm ET on VH-1.

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