‘Basketball Wives’: Jennifer Williams Says She’ll Never Be Best Friends With Evelyn Lozada Again

Basketball Wives fans will never forget the dramatic dismantling of Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams’ friendship. The two were considered the “it crowd” in the early seasons of the show but by Season 4, their friendship fell apart and has never found its footing again. In a recent interview, Williams shared where they currently stand. 

Jennifer Williams with Evelyn Lozada and others; Williams says her and Lozada won't ever be best friends again
Jennifer Williams with Evelyn Lozada and others 2010 | Tamargo/Getty Images

Jennifer Williams says the two are cordial but will never be best friends again

Williams says having her friendship unravel on television after a decade of being so close was heartbreaking. Simultaneously, Williams was in the middle of a divorce from her ex, Eric Williams, when drama between her and Lozada began during Season 3 of the Miami franchise. She told VH1 in a recent interview, as reported by Urban Belle:

Evelyn and I really were best friends. This girl was in my wedding. The fact that we had to have these disagreements and these really, really horrible arguments on camera, it was bad. I remember one time my mom had seen something and she was like, ‘Oh my God. Is that Evelyn? What’s going on with you guys? I feel horrible.’ And it’s not a good feeling because things are playing out for the world to see. That is really not the case when best friends fight but when it’s on the camera, it just gets ugly. And it doesn’t feel good.

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Thankfully, there has been some resolution, with Williams noting, “Evelyn and I are cool. I would not say we are best friends. But we’re cordial,” she added. “We keep in touch, we talk from time to time. We actually were just texting I think last week or I think the week before. I think so much has happened that we’ll probably never be best friends but we’re in a good place. We talk and all is well.”

She previously said their relationship was beyond repair

Luckily, things are in a better place between the former BFFs now but at one point, Williams had no intention of trying to reconcile. She said that too much damage had been done to even fathom being friendly again with Lozada.

Source: YouTube

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“Sometimes you outgrow people and some things you can’t come back from and sometimes you try and it doesn’t work and for me, it’s like I did at one point value our friendship and there’s no ill will, I wish Evelyn well but I don’t want her in my world,” Williams told former RHOA producer Carlos King on Instagram live. “I don’t want the energy…as Nene Leakes would say, ‘The door is closed.’ I feel like I’ve tried and it just never works because it’s always something and I’m at the point in my life where I really don’t care.”

Furthermore, Williams felt a friendship with Lozada would be impossible due to her co-stars conspiring against their friendship. “The outside forces…there’s too many talking heads,” Williams added. “It’s virtually impossible [to be friends] because there’s just too many haters. We are a force when we are together and people don’t want that.”

What her storyline will focus on this forthcoming season of ‘Basketball Wives’

The show is returning for its 10th season on May 16. This season, Williams’ love life will be on display.

Per an official description of her storyline: “Williams is looking for love with Jelani, but when her past comes back to haunt her, it might take time before she can take things to the next level with him.”

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