‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jennifer Williams Says She’s Not Surprised of Her Ex Tim Norman’s Alleged Involvement in a Murder-For-Hire Plot; Says Norman Has a Bad Temper

Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams’ relationship trouble is no secret to fans. Viewers of the show remember watching her marriage to former NBA player Eric Williams fall apart. Since then, Williams has been seeking love but seems to find it in all the wrong places.

Tim Norman and Jennifer Williams
Tim Norman and Jennifer Williams via Twitter

In addition to recently accusing an ex of theft, her ex Tim Norman is currently sitting in jail over his alleged involvement in a murder-for-hire plot against his own nephew. Williams says Norman’s arrest is no shock, considering her claims that he harassed and stalked her. 

Jennifer Williams accuses Tim Norman of stalking and harassment

Williams was initially optimistic about her relationship with Norman. She began dating Norman shortly after her mother’s death. Williams was convinced her late mother sent Norman her way. 

Fans of Sweetie Pie’s remember watching Williams and Norman’s relationship. The two discussed potentially moving in together and also were considering marriage. Norman also enlisted his marketing team to assist Williams in her online fashion boutique.

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But within a year, the couple split and began slewing allegations toward one another. Williams says Norman began exhibiting aggressive behavior and could not control his temper.

She also alleges that Norman, who lived in Houston while she lived in LA, moved across the country in an apartment across the street from her without her knowledge. She says she lived in fear and began living with friends as Norman stalked and harassed her.

Norman says Williams became bitter after they split due to him refusing to marry her. He that Williams threatened to ruin his reputation and that she was fame-hungry. He also accused Williams of slashing his tires.

Both sought temporary restraining orders against one another. A judge granted Williams’ request for a temporary order but according to TMZ, both parties’ permanent requests were denied.

Jennifer Williams says Tim Norman has a bad temper; not surprised by Norman’s arrest

In a new interview with reality TV super-producer Carlos King on Instagram live, Williams opens up about her relationship with Norman. When King asks Williams if she finds Norman’s arrest shocking, Williams gives a firm no.

“I wasn’t surprised because I knew that he was crazy as hell – I think I was a little like ‘Dame your own family,’ but when I went to go get that restraining order against Tim, the dude was crazy,” Williams insists. 

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Williams reflects on fans initially not believing her allegations about Norman, as many believed Williams was creating drama for a storyline on Basketball Wives. With the recent chaos surrounding Norman, she feels vindicated. She also recalls an incident that she says proves Norman’s capable of violent behavior fueled by his jealousy.

“We had an incident at Pink Taco where he went absolutely ape s**t crazy, flipped over tables because this guy was looking at me,” Williams recalls. “He sent me all these articles from Google about my body language and the way my legs were crossed – that I was suggesting that I wanted this guy. He was like ‘It’s your fault, you crossed your legs, you were looking at him’ and I was like, ‘I was looking at the TV that was in that direction.’”

Williams says it’s unfortunate that many doubted her but she’s happy the situation is behind her.