‘Basketball Wives’ Stars Tami Roman and Jennifer Williams Trade Insults Online

Despite no longer being on Basketball Wives, Tami Roman is in a war of words with her former co-star, Jennifer Williams. Williams is currently self-reflecting amid reports of her ex’s arrest in connection to a murder-for-hire plot and she’s not happy about Roman’s recent remarks Roman regarding the situation.

Tami Roman and Jennifer Williams
Tami Roman and Jennifer Williams via Twitter

A history of Tami Roman and Jennifer Williams’ beef

Williams and Roman’s relationship has been rocky from the start. During an introduction dinner between Roman and her new castmates in season 2 of the show, Roman reveals that she was on public assistance, including food stamps, following her divorce from her NBA player husband.

Williams admits that she’s never seen a food stamp in her life, something Roman finds to be insensitive and superior in her thinking.

Roman confronts Williams at a charity event over her comments. Things almost turn physical when Roman believes Williams equates people who use food stamps as “ghetto.”

While Roman was recovering from a liposuction procedure, Williams visits her with a gift basket as an apology offer. She even made light of their previous argument by including a print out of food stamps.

The two had a cordial relationship following the food stamp debacle, but things changed during seasons 7 and 8 of the show when Williams mended fences with Roman’s frenemy, Evelyn Lozada.

Roman’s accusation that Williams os behind nasty rumors about Lozada’s parenting causes a final breakdown in any potential relationship between Roman and Williams. 

Roman has accused Williams of being a liar, a snake, and a groupie, alleging that Williams uses successful men for financial gain. In a freestyle rap about Williams, she claims that Williams once had an affair with Michael Jordan.

Tami Roman speaks on Jennifer Williams’ ex arrest, Williams calls Roman “classless” 

Williams and Roman have not seen nor spoken to one another since midway through season 8 of Basketball Wives. After nearly a decade with the franchise, Roman exited the series for good to focus on her budding acting and hosting career.

It‘s unclear if Williams will return for season 9 but the beef between her and Roman has recently reignited. Williams is reeling from learning that her Norman is currently in jail on charges of a murder-for-hire plot against his nephew. 


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In response to the news, Williams is reflecting on her tumultuous relationship with Norman. She also shared what fans believe is a subliminal message about Norman, referencing karma. 

During Roman’s popular Bonnet Chronicles digital series, she gave her take on Norman’s arrest and cited his relationship with Williams.

“When I saw Jennifer riding in that damn Ferrari that was blood-bought, I sure wouldn’t have rode shotgun in that motherf***r,” Tami says. “Damn, he was prob like well let me marry that b**** and kill her off too. Jennifer, you escaped it girl… If he would do that to his nephew, b*** you didn’t have a chance. And he probably wouldn’t have got caught because no one would’ve gave a f–k!”

Williams doesn’t find Roman’s comments funny. In an exclusive statement to Page Six, she calls Roman “classless.”

“It was done in poor taste while a family is trying to come to terms with the ultimate betrayal from one of their own. That’s all I have to say about Tami’s tacky a**,” Williams says.

Roman shot back at Williams on Instagram for playing “the victim,” noting Williams’ involvement in much Basketball Wives drama.