‘Basketball Wives:’ Tami Roman Says Beef With Evelyn Lozada Was a Set-Up

Basketball Wives fans are always checking in on fan-favorite Tami Roman. The Real World alum joined the cast in Season 2 and was a breath of fresh air for viewers to relate to someone they considered to be down to earth. She’ll always be known for her fight with Evelyn Lozada, which stemmed from Lozada withholding the fact that she had an affair with Roman’s ex-husband, Kenny Anderson. Roman later learned the whole ordeal was a set up by producers.

Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada with 'Basketball Wives' cast
Tami Roman with ‘Basketball Wives’ | Eduardo Parra/WireImage

Tami Roman says she was upset that Evelyn Lozada was not upfront about having a past relationship with her ex-husband

Roman recently spoke with Carlos King on his Reality With the King podcast to discuss her experience on the show. Regarding her feud with Lozada, Roman says her reaction to learning of Lozada’s relationship with her ex-husband was raw.

“That’s why I had that reaction because it was so new to me,” she said. “I was like, ‘What is going on? I’ve been filming with you for six months, we’ve had conversations. Everybody knew this but me?’ It was really authentic and very genuine.”

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She said she quickly learned they couldn’t be friends. Roman says they went the entire season without Lozada mentioning her relationship with Anderson. She explained:

For me, I felt like there was no way she would possibly be my friend. But not for the reasons that people like to say. Everybody likes to say, ‘She’s mad she slept with Kenny.’ That was so not why I was disappointed in the interaction Evelyn and I had. It was really based on, ‘Girl, I’ve been around you.’ I’m not the type of person to smile in somebody’s face and have information or be talking behind somebody’s back. I’m pretty much very upfront…Just to have felt like, ‘So you really weren’t my friend because you knew this and you didn’t tell me.’ But the fact that she slept with him was nothing to me because everybody had slept with Kenny. It was more that I thought we were cool.

She says beef between her and Evelyn Lozada was set up

Despite the blowup fight, Roman revealed that Lozada reached out to her to try and make amends. “The very next day, Evelyn called me. And she was like, ‘Hey, I feel like we were both set up. I thought you already knew this information, and then I found out that you didn’t know, and I feel like they were trying to play us against each other, and I really don’t want to have that type of relationship with you.’ So I said, OK cool. Evelyn and I, literally the next day, went to go have drinks on the rooftop with a pool, and it was totally squashed,” Roman explained to King.

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But the truce was short-lived. Roman says that as filming was underway for Season 3, she learned that Lozada was making profits off the incident by selling t-shirts and other merchandise. That reignited the feud. 

The ‘Basketball Wives’ alum doesn’t keep in touch with any of her former co-stars

Roman left the show af the close of season 8. By that time, her friendships with the core group were permanently fractured. She says she no longer considers Shaunie O’Neal a friend either and hasn’t been in contact with anyone from the cast since she quit the show.

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