‘Batman: The World’: DC Released a ‘Never-Before-Seen Publishing Event’ for Batman Day

Batman’s influence on entertainment and media far exceeds the US. Popular in countries around the world, DC capitalizes on that for Batman Day 2021. Teaming up with groups from around the globe, the Dark Knight gets several new twists in Batman: The World.

The Bat-Signal in Mexico celebrating Batman Day and 'Batman: The World'
The Bat-Signal in Mexico celebrating Batman Day | Eyepix/NurPhoto via Getty Images

‘Batman: The World’ is a major collaboration from around the world

For Batman: The World, 14 is the magic number. As such, it released ahead of Batman Day on Sept. 14.

Across the globe, 14 creative teams from 14 different countries united for a hardcover anthology of Batman stories. The featured tales take a look at Batman stories shaped by each team’s cultures.

Ranging from Japan to Italy to Mexico and Brazil, including the USA, the book sees 15 countries represented.

Writing the US entry is writer Brian Azzarello and artist Lee Bermejo.

The lead story, reported by Games Radar, will feature “the Dark Knight [reflecting] on his time as protector of Gotham City and come to the realization that his fight for justice shouldn’t end at the borders of his hometown.”

The never-before-seen publishing of ‘Batman: The World’

In addition to the US, countries included are France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, China, Russia, and Japan.

“This global collaboration is the first of its kind for DC, so join us for this phenomenon, proving that Batman is a true pop culture icon – and that the call for justice knows no borders,” Games Radar reports DC’s description.

A dramatic trailer flashes the flags from the represented countries, saying that “the war on crime goes global.”

The trailer for Batman: The World sees the Dark Knight prowling rooftops from around the world. Some takes on Batman sees brand new cultural spins on the Gotham protector.

DC’s Other plans for Batman Day 2021

While Batman: The World released ahead of Batman Day, DC planned plenty of other events.

Jeffrey Wright, currently set to star alongside Robert Pattinson in The Batman, will play Batman in a brand new series on HBO Max. Batman: The Audio Adventures follows a much more light-hearted tone, more in line with the Adam West-era of stories.

Starring many Saturday Night Live alumni, the series also stars Rosario Dawson as Catwoman and John Leguizamo as the Riddler.

An immersive dining experience, Park Row London offers DC-inspired bars and restaurants in the UK.


DC’s Batman Day Celebrates With New Series, Books, and a DC-Inspired Restaurant

Even mobile gamers get some love, with a special event in Injustice 2 Mobile seeing the return of a classic Batman costume.

The DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition app lets fans join Batman’s crime-fighting team, the Knightwatch, in an AR adventure. After all, who hasn’t wanted to try out Batman’s gadgets?

In a comic universe where every other character possesses god-like powers, Batman has managed to stand out the most despite a lack of flight or laser vision.

Batman: The World is currently on sale to celebrate the Bat and his lasting influence on the entire world.