A Beatle Didn’t Grace the Grammy Awards Stage Until After the Group Broke Up

The Beatles never attended the Grammy Awards. They never sat next to artists like the Mamas and the Papas, or maybe Frank Sinatra, and waited for the announcement. The Beatles never walked to the podium to give a witty speech, thanking fans.

Unfortunately, a Beatle never graced the Grammy stage until after The Beatles broke up.

Paul McCartney and his wife, Linda McCartney at the 1971 Grammy Awards.
Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney | Bettmann/Getty Images

The Beatles have seven Grammy awards

According to the Grammys’ website, The Beatles have seven Grammys. However, they only won four while they were still a band.

Initially, their first two wins came in 1965. They won Best New Artist and Best Performance by a Vocal Group (for “A Hard Day’s Night”). That year, they were nominated for Record Of The Year (for “I Want To Hold Your Hand”) and Best Rock & Roll Recording (for “A Hard Day’s Night”).

Then, in 1966, the group was nominated three times, for Album Of The Year (Help!), Best Contemporary (R&R) Performance – Group (Vocal Or Instrumental), and Best Performance By A Vocal Group (both for “Help!”).

They were nominated for Album Of The Year (Revolver) the following year. However, the Grammy website does not list another win for the band that year. “Michell” won Song of the Year in 1967, according to The Beatles website.

After that, in 1968, they won Album Of The Year and Best Contemporary Album (both for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band). They were also nominated for Best Performance By A Vocal Group and Best Contemporary Group Performance (Vocal Or Instrumental) (both for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band). They were also nominated for Best Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) Or Instrumentalist(s) (“A Day In The Life”).

In 1969, they were also nominated three times, for Record Of The Year and Best Contemporary-Pop Performance, Vocal Duo Or Group (both for “Hey Jude”), and Album Of The Year (“Magical Mystery Tour”).

Finally, in 1970, The Beatles were nominated for Album Of The Year and Best Contemporary Vocal Performance By A Group (both for Abbey Road).

However, The Beatles won a few more, including one for Let It Be in 1971.

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Paul McCartney was the first Beatle to attend the Grammy Awards

In 1971, the cute Beatle was the first member of the group who stepped foot on a Grammy stage, and he accepted The Beatles’ next win for Best Original Score Written for a Motion Picture for Let It Be. Actor, John Wayne, presented the award. Then, Paul accepted it with his wife, Linda.

All Paul said was a quick, “Thank you!”

Although the Grammys’ website doesn’t list that win, they do list The Beatles’ other nominations that year, for Record Of The Year (“Let It Be”) and Best Contemporary Vocal Performance By A Duo, Group Or Chorus (Let It Be). The next time the group was nominated was in 1996 for Best Historical Album.

Then, in 1997, The Beatles won three Grammys awards for Best Music Video, Long Form (The Beatles Anthology), Best Music Video, Short Form (“Free As A Bird“), and Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal (“Free As A Bird”).

According to the Grammys, Ringo Starr made his first appearance at the awards in 1973. He presented the award for Best R&B Vocal Performance, Male with Harry Nilsson. In 1975 John Lennon presented, alongside Paul Simon, the Record Of The Year to Olivia Newton-John for “I Honestly Love You.”

Unfortunately, George was the only Beatle who never made it to the Grammys. However, George earned three more Grammys for his solo endeavors. Only Paul and Ringo have performed at the awards.

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Paul McCartney is nominated for two Grammys

Since leaving The Beatles, Paul has earned 18 Grammy awards. However, he’s been nominated 81 times. At this year’s Grammys, Paul is nominated for Best Rock Song (“Find My Way”) and Best Rock Album (McCartney III).

If Paul wins both, he’ll have twenty awards, plus the seven Grammys from his time in The Beatles. He’s getting closer to Georg Solti’s record for most Grammys every year.

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