‘Beauty and the Beast’: What Is Paige O’Hara’s Favorite Song From the Disney Movie?

It’s safe to say that Beauty and the Beast wouldn’t be the same without Paige O’Hara‘s incredible voice acting as Belle. She adds something so warm and unique to the character, and you can tell how invested she is in the role. But what is her favorite song from the Disney film in which she stars? Keep reading to find out.

Paige O'Hara and actor Robby Benson sign autographs at the 'Beauty and the Beast' Sing-A-Long DVD premiere at the El Capitan theater
Paige O’Hara and actor Robby Benson sign autographs at the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Sing-A-Long DVD premiere at the El Capitan theater | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

How similar is Paige O’Hara to Belle?

According to O’Hara, she and Belle are practically identical. She admits that when it comes to her personality, she has never related more to a character than she has with the Disney Princess. And playing a role that is so similar to her real-life self can be extremely vulnerable, she admits, yet at the same time, it’s incredibly rewarding.

“In my career, this is the only role I’ve ever played that was so much like me that it was almost frightening,” she said in an interview with Cosplay and Coffee.

She continued, adding, “There’s something very vulnerable that—when you have to let yourself come through—who you really are, it was also something that was very challenging, but also very rewarding. So pretty much every character trait about Belle is like me, to be honest.”

What is the voice actor’s favorite song from ‘Beauty and the Beast’?

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O’Hara confesses that she’s a massive Disney fan- so much so that she’ll watch the animated classics as much as possible. And according to O’Hara, she adores the score from Beauty and the Beast, yet there are three songs from the movie musical that are her absolute favorites.

When asked by PopSugar what her favorite song is from Beauty and the Beast, she said,

“That’s one of the toughest questions because I have three. I love, of course, the ‘Belle’ number because that’s the main song that establishes who she is,” said O’Hara. “I really love ‘Something There,’ because that’s the moment when they fall in love. And the title song was just very special because I got to sing it on all the promotions. Maybe, if I had to pick one, I would say the song that only ended up in one version, which is ‘Human Again.’ It was Howard Ashman’s favorite song,” she said, referring to the songwriter/lyricist of the film. “It was in the second edition that came out, and it will be on a bonus edition feature with this one. It’s just all about the characters becoming human again, and it just makes you cry. It’s so touching.”

Does Paige O’Hara approve of the live-action remake starring Emma Watson?

When the original Belle was asked how she feels about the live-action remake starring Watson as the bookish heroine, she said she loves it. And in an interview with The Las Vegas Review-Journal, O’Hara talked about how sweet it was to meet the Harry Potter star at the Beauty and the Beast premiere.

“She’s adorable,” O’Hara says of Watson. “She screamed when I met her. Started screaming,” she said. “And then she went, ‘Oh my God, oh my God!’ When she hugged me, she said, ‘I love you so much! I listened to you every day that I did the movie. Every day.’ She was like a little kid.”