‘Behind Her Eyes’: All the Clues You Missed Leading up to That Twist Ending

Netflix’s newest thriller Behind Her Eyes is quickly rising in the ranks of trending shows on the site. The series’ twist ending left fans in shock and wanting answers. Because the twist happened so abruptly just before the end of the limited series, fans have a lot of questions and are wondering if there were any clues that could have hinted to the ending of Behind Her Eyes.

'Behind Her Eyes' Eve Hewson as Adele
‘Behind Her Eyes’ with Eve Hewson as Adele | Netflix

‘Behind Her Eyes’ season 1

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Behind Her Eyes Season 1]

Season 1 of Behind Her Eyes started out as your average love triangle show. Single mother Louise met Dr. David Ferguson at a bar and instantly hit it off with him before discovering that not only was he her new boss but he was married to a woman named Adele. Though David and Louise tried to keep things between them platonic, they both realized they had real feelings for each other and started sleeping with together. Meanwhile, Adele and Louise began to build a friendship as well.

The ‘Behind Her Eyes’ ending

There were a number of twists in the last two episodes of the series. Throughout the series, it flashed back to Adele’s time in a rehab facility and her friendship with a boy named Rob who she met there. In the last few episodes, we learned that Rob was dead but it wasn’t until the end of the finale that we learned the truth.

While at her parent’s home Adele taught Rob how to astral project, which allowed them to take their consciousnesses out of their bodies. While they were astral projecting, Rob tricked Adele into switching bodies and then killed his body while Adele was inside. So, the Adele that viewers saw the whole season was actually Rob. He later did the same thing with Louise, tricking her into Adele’s body and killing Adele’s body with her inside.

The author left several clues to the ‘Behind Her Eyes’ ending

The ending was so shocking that even the cast couldn’t believe it when reading the script.

 “I was like, ‘Mum…this happened!’ I couldn’t believe it,” Simona Brown, who plays Louise, said, according to Marie Clare. “I had to go back to the start and read it again. I was convinced there would be some plot holes, but actually, there weren’t.”

Author Sarah Pinborough, who wrote the book the show is based off of, thought of the idea after reading lots of psychological thrillers.

 “I wanted it to hit all the beats of a regular thriller. The clues had to be there,” she told The Guardian. “At first I thought it was going to be really easy to write, but it was quite hard. Everything had to have dual meaning, so that no one could say this character lied. I would have hated that.”

After reading the book, some people accused her of just making up an ending that had no basis in the rest of the story. But, according to Pinborough, all of the elements of the book actually do line up.

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“I don’t mind people who hate the book,” she told the outlet. “I’d rather they hate it than be indifferent. What I don’t like is when people say, ‘She didn’t know how to end this book, she tacked on this ending.’ I’m like, ‘Go back and read it again, do your homework!'”

‘Behind Her Eyes’ clues that led to the twist

There are a number of clues throughout the series that let fans in on the fact that Adele is actually Rob. One of the biggest is that Adele/Rob paints a picture of the forest where Rob’s body was murdered on his and David’s wall. In one of the flashbacks, Rob says that he would stay in that forest forever if he could, while Adele often expresses dislike for the estate as it is where her parents died.

In another flashback, it is revealed that Rob is a chef. Throughout the series Adele/Rob is shown as a masterful cook, cutting up vegetables without even looking at what she is doing and making meals for David.

Adele/Rob’s constant heroin use is also an indicator that it’s not really Adele as she was never into hard drugs and often tried to get Rob to stop.