‘Behind Her Eyes’ Most Disturbing Scene Wasn’t Even Included, Here’s What It Showed

Behind Her Eyes may be one of the most twisted thrillers that Netflix has put out this year. What started out as a pretty normal tale of a love triangle quickly turned more sinister as the series went on. The shock twist ending left more than a few fans disturbed. But it turns out there was an extremely disturbing scene in the Behind Her Eyes book that ultimately had to be left out of the show.

Eve Hewson as Adele holds up a knife in 'Behind Her Eyes; season 1
Eve Hewson as Adele in ‘Behind Her Eyes’ | Netflix

Will there be a ‘Behind Her Eyes’ Season 2?

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Behind Her Eyes Season 1]

Behind Her Eyes was modeled after Sarah Pinborough’s 2017 thriller of the same name. The show starts out innocently enough with the main character, Louise, heading out for drinks with a friend. When she is stood up by her friend, she bumps into David Ferguson, a psychiatrist who has just moved to town. The two quickly hit it off and share a few kisses before David abruptly runs away. The next day Louise finds out that David is her boss and married to a woman named Adele.

Later, Louise “bumps” into Adele and they strike up an awkward friendship. Meanwhile, Louise starts sleeping with David. Over time, things start to seem off about David and Adele’s marriage. Louise starts noticing that Adele seems to know things that she shouldn’t. Later, she learns that Adele has found a way to take her soul out of her body and spy on other people.

The real twist in the show doesn’t come until the final few minutes of the finale when it is revealed that Rob actually tricked Adele into switching bodies when they were younger and then killed his body with Adele in it. So, the whole series, the woman who audiences thought was Adele was actually Rob. In the end Rob/Adele does the same thing to Louise and steals her body in order to be with David.

There has been no word on if the show will be renewed for another season.

Which ‘Behind Her Eyes’ disturbing scene had to be left out?

While trying to find answers about what exactly is going on between Adele and David, Louise visits Marianne, a woman David had become friendly with in the past. While talking to Louise, Marianne reveals that Adele threatened her to leave David alone and when she continued talking to him, Adele broke into her house and wrote the word “s*ut” on her wall in what appeared to be blood. She also says that Adele threatened her cat.

In the book, this scene plays out a little differently. Like in the show, Marianne returns home to find her cat Charlie missing. But in the book, Adele actually murders Charlie in front of Marianne by stomping on his head with her high heels, according to ScreenRant.

This scene was left out. This was probably a smart choice as it would have been a graphic display of animal cruelty and wasn’t absolutely necessary to get the show’s point across.

The book’s horrible ending

That disturbing scene wasn’t the only thing the show left out. In the book, Adele also plots to kill Louise’s son, Adam, once she’s in Louise’s body.

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“In the book it goes even further. It sort of says, ‘Here I am with the man of my dreams, and he’s married me and now we are off to our new adventure, but then there’s this kid.’ Then she looks at him and it’s like, ‘Well you know what they say, accidents happen to children all the time.’ And that’s the ending,” director Erik Richter Strand said, according to Newsweek.

Chilling, right?