‘Behind Her Eyes’: The Real, Easy Breakdown of That Twist Ending

Behind Her Eyes took  Netflix by storm when it was released last week. Though it was categorized as a thriller, those unfamiliar with Sarah Pinborough’s book of the same name had no idea what they were in for when they clicked play. Fans have taken to social media, collectively scratching their heads over the twist ending. So, here’s the explanation of the Behind Her Eyes ending.

Adele and David Ferguson stand in the kitchen in 'Behind Her Eyes'
Eve Hewson and Tom Bateman as Adele and David Ferguson on Behind Her Eyes | Netflix

‘Behind Her Eyes’ cast and plot

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Behind Her Eyes Season 1]

When Behind Her Eyes opens, viewers are introduced to Louise, played by Simona Brown. Louise is a single mother who seems to lead a pretty normal life. She decides to go out one night for drinks with a friend. When her friend stands her up, she runs into David Ferguson, played by Tom Bateman. The two hit it off and make out at the bar, only for David to run away at the end of the night.

The next morning, Louise shows up to work to find out that David is actually her new boss and married to a woman named Adele, played by Eve Hewson. Over the course of the show, Louise and David begin having an affair and Adele guilts Louise into being her friend.

Throughout the season, it quickly becomes clear that there is something seriously weird going on between David and Adele, besides the obvious infidelity, and it has something to do with Adele’s former friend from rehab, Rob. But viewers don’t really get any answers until the last few scenes.

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‘Behind Her Eyes’ twist ending

Though the show was creepy the entire season, it really revs things up at the end. In the last two episodes of the show, we find out that when Adele was younger, she learned how to astral project and send her consciousness to places that she had been before. After leaving rehab, she showed this to her friend Rob.

The twist ending comes in when it is revealed that Rob tricked Adele into switching bodies with him and then killed his body while Adele was inside. So, the adult version of Adele that viewers had been seeing was actually Rob the whole time. Later, Rob (in Adele’s body) pretends to be about to kill himself so that Louise will astral project to save him. While Louise is outside of her body, Rob goes into it, forcing Louise into Adele’s body, which he has shot up with enough heroin so that she will be unable to move. Once Louise is in Adele’s body, Rob injects her with more heroin so she overdoses.

Clues to the ‘Behind Her Eyes’ twist ending

Some viewers have been upset with the twist ending, claiming that it happened two quickly and had no basis in the rest of the show. But there were actually a few slight clues as to who was in Adele’s body the whole time. Throughout the show, Adele is shown making David elaborate meals. Rob was a chef. She is shown adeptly handling a knife and cutting without looking down at her hands or the knife several times.

The fact that Adele still had Rob’s journal and was doing heroin were also clues that it was not actually Adele in her body.