‘Behind Her Eyes’: Will There Be a Season 2?

If you’ve watched Netflix’s newest thriller, Behind Her Eyes, then you are probably still on the edge of your seat wondering what just happened. The twist ending was enough to leave anyone confused but also wanting more. Many fans have felt that the ending was quite abrupt and didn’t fill in all of the questions that the season posed. So, will there be a season 2 of Behind Her Eyes?

Eve Hewson as Adele holds up a knife in 'Behind Her Eyes; season 1
Eve Hewson as Adele in ‘Behind Her Eyes’ | Netflix

Season 1 of ‘Behind Her Eyes’

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Behind Her Eyes Season 1]

If you’re still trying to process everything that happened in season 1 of Behind Her Eyes, let us break it down for you. At the beginning of the show, we meet Louise, a single mom who seems to always do the right thing. When she is stood up by a friend at a bar, she quite literally runs into Dr. David Ferguson. The two end up hitting it off and making out a little before he apologizes and runs off. The next day, she learns that David is her boss, who is very married. After she and David agree to keep things platonic, Louise accidentally bumps into David’s wife, Adele.

Over the course of the season, David and Louise begin sleeping together and having a torrid affair while Louise builds a friendship with Adele, who seems to be lonely and trapped in a bad marriage.

It isn’t until the final two episodes that the audience learns what is really up with Adele. Through something called astral projection Adele has been able to leave her body and see what people are doing in real time. But in the final episode, we learn that Adele’s friend from rehab, Rob, actually switched bodies with Adele when they were younger and killed his body when Adele was in it. So, the whole time it was actually Rob scheming against Louise to stay with David. At the end of the season, Rob gets his way again and tricks Louise into switching bodies with him and kills her once she’s in Adele’s body. Make sense?

The ending was supposed to be worse

Though the ending seemed brutal enough on it’s own with the killing of the protagonist, it was actually written to be worse in Sarah Pinborough’s book of the same name.

“In the book it goes even further. It sort of says, ‘Here I am with the man of my dreams, and he’s married me and now we are off to our new adventure, but then there’s this kid.’ Then she looks at him and it’s like, ‘Well you know what they say, accidents happen to children all the time.’ And that’s the ending,” director Erik Richter Strand said, according to Newsweek.

“That’s a really bleak, hard, gut-punch of an ending that can really get you angry. I think it did for a lot of people. Even though it’s clever, it’s also really horrifying. We tried in the show to find the right balance of leaving the audience gut-punched but not like, ‘Oh my God, what’s going to happen?'”

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Will there be a ‘Behind Her Eyes’ Season 2?

Behind Her Eyes was originally set to be a limited series which means that Netflix was not planning on ordering more episodes. However, since it has risen to No. 2 on Netflix’s Top U.S. streaming chart, Netflix may rethink that decision. One obstacle with making a new season is that the first season ended where the book did, so there isn’t anymore written material to go off of. However, with the way that the series ended, there are obviously several different ways season 2 could go. Fans will just have to wait for an announcement from Netflix to see if we will actually get to see more of David or Louise’s poor son, Adam.