Bella Thorne’s Favorite Disney Princess Totally Makes Sense

On Disney Channel’s Shake It Up, Bella Thorne portrayed the dancer CeCe Jones. Outside of this series, though, the actor shared her love for another Disney character — this one a princess from a Disney Academy Award-winning film. 

Here’s what we know about this actor and her favorite Disney princess.

Disney's 'The Wizards of Waverly Place' episode titled 'Max's Secret Girlfriend'
Disney’s ‘The Wizards of Waverly Place’ episode titled ‘Max’s Secret Girlfriend’ | Eric McCandless/Disney Channel via Getty Images

Bella Thorne starred in Disney Channel’s ‘Shake It Up’

Before she appeared in horror films, Thorne starred as the dancing high school student CeCe Jones on Shake It Up, who earns a spot on a local television show, Shake It Up, Chicago!. Thorne was joined by Zendaya of Disney Channel’s K.C. Undercover and Zapped, who portrayed Rocky.

Thorne had a voice cameo for Phineas and Ferb. She sang on the “Something to Dance For/TTYLXOX Mash-Up.” She even starred alongside Bridgit Mendler for a crossover episode between Good Luck Charlie and Shake It Up.

When it comes to this actor’s favorite Disney princess, her choice made perfect sense.

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Who is Bella Thorne’s favorite Disney princess?

Several Disney Channel shared their love for the princesses, including Thorne’s co-star on Shake It Up. Zendaya shared her love for both Ariel fromThe Little Mermaid and Tiana from Princess and the Frog. Thorne, however, named another character as her favorite Disney princess.

“That girl, Merida, is one tough cookie,” Bella said in Wonderland‘s new Spring issue, according to Just Jared Jr. “I like her.”

Released in 2012, Brave starred Pixar’s first princess, a curly-haired fighter named Merida. When she learns her mother is forcing her to get married, she gets a spell to change her. She didn’t plan to transform into a bear. 

Merida also knew how to shoot an arrow, which was pretty impressive to Thorne. The red hair isn’t the only similarity between the Disney actor and this animated character. 

 “She ain’t need no man and is a badass with that bow and arrow,” she continued. “Another talent I want to acquire! Shooting a bow and arrow.”

Bella Thorne has since distanced herself from the Disney Channel

Although she shared her love for Merida and her archery skills, Thorne has since distanced herself from the Disney Channel and her “Disney image,” starring in horror films and creating a record-breaking OnlyFans account.

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“That image is very difficult. It’s also never been me,” Thorne said of her early years with Disney during an interview with Fox News. “I always just like to do whatever no one else is doing. Little kids growing up don’t need to see perfect people. Kids need to see real. They need to see diversity, they need to see intriguing.” 

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