Bella Thorne’s Followers Are Slamming Her for Posting a Video of Her in the Shower to Instagram

Bella Thorne is proving she’s no longer the Disney channel star we once knew. Now, the 22-year-old is hard at work with her acting, directing, Instagram influencing, and businesses of her own. But that certainly doesn’t mean she’s immune to backlash.

Thorne is no stranger to hate, especially via social media, due to her controversial posts. But instead of shying away from the controversy, she keeps bringing more to Instagram and causing quite a stir from her followers. Here’s what they have to say about her recent Instagram video that shows her in the shower.

Bella Thorne regularly posts controversial content online

With 22 million followers, Thorne has quite the fan base — and she’s certainly amassed more fans since her early days on the Disney Channel. While many fans love her freedom of expression that comes through on her Instagram posts, many others think she misses the mark completely. No matter what, her Instagram posts are always getting attention from celebrities and followers alike — and she doesn’t shy away from criticism when it comes her way.

Her Halloween makeup caused a huge stir on Instagram, for example. Thorne posted a video of her wearing makeup that looked like she’d been physically beaten, and many thought she was glorifying domestic violence.

Not only that, but she also caused many to do a double-take when she released her own nude photos. Insider reminds us a hacker threatened to release her topless photos, so to reclaim authority, Thorne posted them on her own accord. She received backlash from Whoopi Goldberg for this choice, too.

Goldberg isn’t the only celebrity to get upset with Thorne. We can’t forget that Thorne tweeted about traffic making her late for her boyfriend’s show — and Rob Lowe called her out since the traffic was due to a mudslide that killed 17 people.

She added a video showing off her hair in the shower

As for Thorne’s latest content, she posted a video showing off her hair growth. “In August of last year my hair was cut up to my neck and shoulders for a movie…and it seemed like it wasn’t growing back…but now look how long it is!!” she captioned her post. “I have wanted my hair to grow back long again, ever since I was on shake it they cut it real short one day.. and then put in extensions to match it back to its original length…it took me a very long time to not feel insecure with out exts or heat or whatever…but now look at how long it is.”

The post may be about her hair, but Thorne’s video is sultry in nature. She stares longingly into the camera while it films her running her fingers through her hair. This appeared to be a very conscious choice on Thorne’s part, which is within her right and totally up to her. And it also seems to fit with her body-positive and sex-positive mindset.

Fans are totally divided on the post

Bella Thorne walks the red carpet ahead of the 'Joker' screening during the 76th Venice Film Festival
Bella Thorne walks the red carpet ahead of the ‘Joker’ screening during the 76th Venice Film Festival | Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Thorne may be body-positive enough to post the hair video, but her fans remain completely divided on this decision. While many support the post, others think she could’ve found some other way to post about her hair growth.

“So you took the time to write all of this just not look superficial for posting a naked video ?” one follower commented.

Another wrote, “Wow that was cringe worthy.”

And another added a sarcastic post that summed it all up for them. They wrote, “*finds any reason to post naked in the shower to show off hair that really hasn’t grown much more than the natural amount that all hair literally grows *.”

Despite any backlash Thorne receives, we know she won’t stop posting content that’s authentically her. We’re interested to see what she adds next — and, of course, what her followers say about it!

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